WAG Cartwheel: 'hidden' secret muscles

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Aug 12, 2021
When I do a cartwheel, I should as gymnast coach taught

1) Squeeze contract the abs
2) push shoulder & straight forearms into ground, making it long and tall

What should I do with the legs or feet appropriately? Should I "think about reaching my toes to the ceiling (while pointing them). ?
Are there any other hidden/secret muscle movements I am missing?

I had similar question here for handstand, just trying to find the differences, https://chalkbucket.com/forums/threads/handstand-hidden-secret-muscles.67798/

Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Are we talking about a side cartwheel or a forward-starting carthweel?

For side carthweel, just stay tight and make it as long as possible.

For a forward to backward cartwheel, focus on making the turn in the entry as late as possible. Make it as long as possible when you're learning it; clean it up, make it tight, straight, reasonably fast, and as long as possible. Then, once you've got it mastered and you've run out of things to fix about it, shorten the second half right at the end.

For both types of cartwheel, it's best to practice on a line whenever you can.
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