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  1. M

    WAG Cartwheel: 'hidden' secret muscles

    When I do a cartwheel, I should as gymnast coach taught 1) Squeeze contract the abs 2) push shoulder & straight forearms into ground, making it long and tall What should I do with the legs or feet appropriately? Should I "think about reaching my toes to the ceiling (while pointing them). ...
  2. M

    WAG Handstand 'hidden' secret muscles

    When I do a handstand, I should as gymnast coach taught 1) Squeeze contract the abs 2) Squeeze the glutes 3) actively pushing shoulder &straight forearms into ground Are there any other hidden/secret muscle movements I am missing?
  3. G

    WAG Burning Sensation in Muscles

    Not looking for medical advice just wondering if anyone has ever had the same thing. Basically I'm an ex gymnast of 2 years and recently attempted a back handpring on trampoline and got a horrific burning sensation in my stomach muscles. I remember this used happpen every so often while training...
  4. munchkin3

    WAG Asymmetry in the leg muscles

    This is more out of curiosity after I did some research about gymnasts commonly having one leg stronger, bigger or more dominant than the other. Apparently it is common (?) and the constant loading or one leg may actually make those muscles bigger..... Get a measuring tape and measure the...
  5. AnotherTexasGymMom

    Parents Sore muscles

    My 10 year old just started training for Optionals. The conditioning is more intense, and she is complaining every day of sore muscles, especially calf and glutes. Any suggestions of things to help alleviate the soreness? We have tried bath with epsom salts, and that does not seem to help...
  6. T

    WAG muscles for cast handstands

    Which muscles are needed for a decent cast handstand? Is it more strength or technique? Of course, the whole body is involved....but I guess it's mostly shoulders? How strong should I be for doing one? Can you tell me specifically? Because you have to lean forward while casting, I guess that a...
  7. M

    Coaches Stretches names and muscles affected.

    I found that many gyms have different names for the same stretches. I also found that many websites state incorrect muscles affected by a stretch. I would love to hear your opinion. I have create a page with a gallery of stretches which are all numbered. I would like to hear what you think the...
  8. Amir Hussain

    Abdominal muscles conditionings

    Could someone please name for me all the conditionings for the abdominal muscles(For Men artistic gymnastics)? I hear the most effective is the L sit. Is it right?
  9. A

    Parents Sore Muscles

    My DD just recently switched to a more competitive gym which requires longer & harder workouts/conditioning. The day after she has extremely sore ab muscles. Is there anything I can do right after a workout to prevent sore muscle? Bath in Epsom salts? Appreciate any advice. Thx!
  10. 2G1B

    Parents Sore muscles?

    My 3 kids have rarely complained about sore muscles. In fact, my younger DD never has, my son extremely rarely has (he and his sister had a sit up contest once and the next day he did complain some; but he had done more than 350 sit ups non-stop); but it was just kind of an, "ow! my muscles...
  11. G

    Parents Just curious - leg muscles

    I am (and have been for a while) wondering... My girl (4 1/2 year old) has really mean leg muscles. It's right above the knees. When she walks or seats in the pike you can see them perking out big time and you can see defenatly outline of them. When she was even 2 and when she started mommy and...
  12. H

    WAG Arm muscles

    Hey everyone! Okay so I really want to work at building more muscles because I know it is like the most important thing in gymnastics along with technique. I have been doing okay with legs and abs but I just am struggling a lot with my arms. I have really weak arms so I know I need to work on...
  13. gymgurl

    WAG Tumbling and muscles

    Okay so I went to the physio a couple of days ago for some pain in my lower leg and it had to do with a muscle being over worked and poor alignment. She also brought up an issue i never thought i had. My quads (only on one leg) are incredibly weak. Being one of the strongest tumblers in the gym...
  14. N

    groin muscles

    Ok so first I would like to say I am not looking for medical advice, I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there in the same situation. So recently I switched gyms, the warmup is much longer than old gym and it is more complex. I like it but ever since switching to the new gym I...
  15. W

    Muscles in place?

    Hi! I use to be a gymnast and a school project came up for an olympic sport. I of course picked gymnastics. I just really need to know which bones and muscles Gymnastics focuses on? Please help!! :)
  16. All Chalked Up

    Pulled muscles -.-

    So I've gone and pulled the muscles in the back of my legs! What should I do to...erm... "un-pull" them? EDIT 1: It's not worth going to physio... EDIT 2: Not looking for full-blown medical stuff, just little "stragies" you guys have picked up over the years. EDIT 3: Hurts to do a handstand...
  17. G

    Glide Swings and Stomach Muscles.

    Alright, a glide swing. One of the most simply bar skills yet. And yet I can't do one. I'm 5'3" so not tooo tall for a 17 year old. Although my legs I swear they make up half of my body. I can do about 10 v-ups in a row, rest for a second and do 10 more. I can do all the other ab things...
  18. N

    how can I train my thigh muscles?

    how can I train my thigh muscles? gymnast all have very strong thigh muscles. how to train it is best to thigh muscles such strong? what exercise can I do at home or outside? it takes a long time until I get those muscles? you can tell me some tips or exercises, that I at me fast can train...
  19. D

    What muscles should I focus on?

    I am working on toe touches, I'm pretty flexible, but I am having trouble getting my legs up very high. I know that gymnasts do a similar straddle split jump on the beam and I was wondering what muscles should focus on strengthening? Is it my abs and calf/quad muscles? What muscles are really...
  20. G

    sore muscles:(

    Hi everybody:) Ok so today was my first day back at the gym. I have been out for two and a half months so i know i am going to be in pain tomorrow BUT i have a private with my coach tomorrow. So i was wondering if anyone knew any tricks to keeping the sore muscles away? I can't remember if...

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