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Coaching Qulaifications

Discussion in 'UK' started by Jimjac, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Can anyone tell me what different level coaches can coach.

    Is there a specific skill valve and also what are MAG coaches allowed to do in WAG
  2. You can basically coach the moves which are covered on the qualification you have. There are a mixture of skill values at each level but obviously they get harder with the harder qualifications. You can find the list of moves on BG by looking at the coaching modules for each level where they are listed. But it is very convoluted and long winded to get to it. You can find lists of courses https://www.british-gymnastics.org/courses/search/coaching

    I would love to see an open database on BG of each coaches qualification. And a link to a list of moves this enables them to coach. So you could easily check what qualifications the coaches in your gym actually have.
    However once you have attended the next practical course/ module a level higher you are allowed to coach those moves also in the gym. You cannot take them round a competition until you have been assessed and passed that module though.

    There is a set qualification needed to take gymnasts round a competition at each level. Level 2 minimum for any competition, LEvel 3 coach for vol level 4 and above. Level 4 coach for comp 2 and above. Then it really goes on the moves the gymnasts are doing. If your gymnast is performing a same bar release you need a level 5 coach to take them round.

    It could be much much clearer though.

    MAG and WAG are totally separate. There is a transfer grid. https://www.british-gymnastics.org/...ownloads/6502-discipline-transfer-matrix/file
    Looks like MAG level 1 and 2 are designated same for WAG and don't need to be redone. MAG 3 equiv of WAG 2, MAG4 same as WAG 3, MAG 5 same as WAG 4.
    I think that means a level 4 MAG can coach Level 3 WAG moves. If I am reading it correctly.
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  3. Thanks Jenny for the links.

    The transfer grid is definitely not clear but I think you have read it correctly.

    It looks like a MAG 5 coach can only coach WAG 3 surely they are qualified to coach higher bar skills
  4. What you need to remember is that the bar for men is only single bar or parallel bar both of which have totally different shapes when doing skills on them to a woman swinging between the A bars. So although floor and vault may be much the same the other pieces are so different that it is not that easy to transcend between them.
    The transfer grid is very interesting though but it could be made easier for people to understand.
    I do agree though that there should be a database that parents can check to ensure their children's coach is qualified to coach them especially at the higher levels as I know of General gymnastics coaches teaching skills from level 3 artistic and above because theres no clear check list for people to check.
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  5. I think there should be core and modules at every level.For example i have done WA 2 plus 1 WA3 module.I would like to swap to the tumbling route.This means (as i understand it) i have to go right back to L1 tumbling, and even though I will only get 1 extra skill (whip) at the end of it, I have t
    1)pay £319
    2) plough through all the common core stuff like learning skills and how to fill in an accident report,
    3) get a L2 tumbling mentor
    just to get access to L2 tumbling course

    I am a bit disenchanted with BG at the moment.They seem to be just a money making thing
  6. I think that would be helpful. Then people can just do the practical modules for each discipline. And maybe one could cover anything exclusive to that discipline. I don't think it is a money making thing, more just a left over from previous coaching qualification set ups.
  7. I’ve been lightly involved with British Gymnastics coach education in the past and the conversation of the qualifications transfer matrix is always an interesting one. Each discipline has to agree on where coaches from other disciplines can enter and join them. It largely comes down to differences in apparatus and techniques required.

    The idea of a database is a good one except it’s nkt as simple as just knowing which qualification a coach has. When they acquired it also affects what skills they are allowed to coach. A qualification syllabus changes over time even if the level of the qualification stays the same. This is because of changes to the code of points and just general updates and modernisation. Two coaches can take the same qualification just a couple of years apart but there might be a few skills different between what was on their course content and that therefore means they’d be qualified for slightly different syllabus of skills. I saw this several times at TeamGym level 3 technical modules when they went through a decent update.
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  8. Agree that the database needs more than just skill level but it would be a start.

    I also can't see anything to state that a coach cannot coach a skill that is not in the module only what level coaches are required at a competition. There are skills that aren't in any of the coaching modules and there are definitely skills that appear on WAG level 4 and 5 that lower level coaches are teaching. Can anyone clarify what is actually allowed.
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