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Marge Simpson

Proud Parent
Sep 27, 2007
Greetings Coaches,

DD's gym has the team girls together for many hours a week. There have been some cases of the girls picking on one another, gossiping about each other, and being mean--in short, acting in all the ways one could predict a group of naturally competitive preadolescent and adolescent girls would behave.

How do you coaches see your role in managing the group dynamics of your team? Is it strictly among the girls, or do you see this as a part of your responsibility as a coach? What would your expectations be of the girls and how do you communicate these expectations?

Your thoughts are appreciated!


Personally, speaking from first the side a gymnast who was the one being picked on as a child, they will out grow it and some scars will be left, but some true friends will be made. As a coach, I think it my responsibility to try to bring the girls together by providing team building opportunities and sportsmanship. I except my girls to respect one another, but also to keep their own opinions, but in keeping their opinions they are to respect the opinions of others and to be aware of the differences.
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