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Aug 21, 2008
Alberta, Canada
How long does it usually take to become competitive in gymnastics? What level do they start competing in? How long does a person usually spend in each level? To pass a level do you have to compete in all 4 events...or does you coach decided when to move you up? Also wondering, how much would a competitive gymnastics program cost per month/year?


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Hi - as I am in the USA and you are in Canada - not sure how relevant my answers to your questions will be. Bogwoppit is in Canada and my be more helpful to you.

Unfortunately a lot of your questions will not get concrete answers.

~ yes, it is the coach who decides when you move up

~ as for what level for competing - that depends on the gym as well. Here some gyms will take Level 1 or 2 to meets, some Level 3 and up, some L4 and up, some not until L5. The gym my DD goes to starts them w/ pre-team L3, Team starts at L4. However, the L3's do go to meets and work-out with the team.

~ our girls do have to compete on each event. Normally at least one year per level, sometimes a level will be repeated sometimes a kid will do one meet at a certain level to score out (obtain a certain All-Around score) and go directly to the next level. these are all coaching decisions.

~ the cost varies greatly depending on the gym, level and area you are in. There is a thread somewhere about that you could search for.


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Jan 4, 2008
You will get different ansewers from people depending where they are. But most of our countries share similar characteristics in our programs.

Your question has such a huge variation in answers. Some gymnasts will begin competing just a few months after they start gymnastics and other will take several years and many others will never compete but still continue to enjoy gymnastics for many years.

In Australia you can start competing from level 1, and competition is compulsary from level 4 in order to progress through the various levels. The majority of gymnasts will start competing in level 1, 2 or 3.

On average they spend a year at each level, but again this can vary hugely, some may be in a level for only a week, just long enough to test out and move onto the next level while others may stay on the same level for 3-4 years. But one year is the average.

Yes, to pass a level you need to compete on all 4 apparatus and recieve a minimum all around score. There are some gymnasts known as apparatus specialists and they may not do all the apparatus but this very rare at lower levels. Ultimatly the coach decides when you are ready to move up. Just because you have passed your current level, does not mean that you move up to the next level. This is a desicion your coach will make when they feel that you are ready to cope with the requirements of the next level.

Again, a competitive program costs will vary greatly depending on where you train. Lower level gymnasts generally train between 4-9 hours a week. By the mid levels you would be training 10-16 hours a week and the higher levels will generally train 16-25 hours a week. At the top level you will train 25-40 hours a week. So the cost will vary greatly. It is not a cheap sport because of the number of hours required, the low coach to athlete ratio and the cost of maintaining the expensive equipment.
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