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Jun 29, 2007
Hello Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has any different / unique conditioning programmes....I am getting a little bored with what I have and I am looking for some new idea's...

The gym I coach at is very competitive and people are not very open to sharing/helping people come up with conditiong programme's and i am currently running my part of the club's competitve programme by myself.

Any idea's would be a super help,


We used to have various conditioning workouts that went by different names; here are a few:

1. Pyramid--consists of suicide runs, leg, stomach, and arm exercises. Each exercise area consists of 3 exercises done in a row with the following count 1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1 (1 of each, two of each, 3 of each, etc). The running is timed and the gymnast must beat the clock in order to move on.

2. Sprints--consists of running laps back and forth across the floor. Down and back across the floor equals 1 lap. We have to run 8 laps first, then 7, then 6. We have 6 seconds complete each lap, so for 8 laps we would have 48 seconds to complete all 8. In order to be done with the conditioning we had to beat the clock 3 times.

3. Physical Therapy--one day a week we would do 45 minutes of physical therapy

These are just a few of the conditioning workouts that we did. I tried to just give a brief description, so let me know if you're interested in them or any other ones I might have.


Apr 9, 2007
PHASE 1- July and August​

1) LEGS- Day 1-3
2/12 Roll and Jumps (onto ELEVATED SURFACE)-ADD HEIGHT
3/10 Squat Jumps ( Up onto Elevated Surface)-ADD HEIGHT
2/10 Vertical Jumps- For height, reach for target line
2/5 Standing Back Tucks ( ELEVATED if possible)
5 Full Sprints- Soccer area

2) STOMACH- Day 1-3
2/25 Twisting Crunchers- Hands behind head, elbow to opposite knee- Add 5 lbs
2/12 Stalder Leg Lifts
2/10 Hollow Rock to High Candle and HOLD
2/10 Arch to Hollow Rolls- arms fully extended
2/12 Leg Lifts – For SPEED

3) ARMS- Day 2-4
2/7 Press Handstands- Pike up against the wall ( unless they can press by themselves)
2/15 Clapping Push Ups- Hollow Body- ( Feet Elevated)
2/15- Dips Hops- Max slant
2/12 90 Degree HSPU From NECK- rounded back, full ROM
2/10 Wide Arm Pull Ups- to the NECK

2/50/50/50 Toe Rises- ( 50 Forces arch SLOW- 50 Fast POPPING-50 punches
2/15 Side Sit Ups ( hold for 10 on last rep- ABOVE HORIZONTAL)
2/15 Sag to Hollow- Feet elevated-
2/10 Popping Single Leg Hips Lifts- Thrust and change legs
2 Minutes Total Time- Handstand Holds- Count 1001-1002 and total 2 minutes of hold time.

PHASE 2- Sept and October​

1) LEGS- Day 1-3
3/12 Roll and Jumps- Up onto Red Blocks
3/10 Squat Jumps – Up onto Red Blocks
2/10 Long Jumps- For distance, connected with no stopping in between
3/25 Tuck Jumps- Side to Side OVER ELEVATED OBJECT
3/50 Straight Jumps- Quick punching action

2) STOMACH- Day 1-3
2/15 Uphill Sit Ups- On Beam
2/20 Leg Lifts- From L to compression, on BRS
2/1 FX Leg Slides on Frisbee
2/10 Partner Leg Throws- Straight arms
STOMACH CURCUIT- 30 second hollow hold/ 30 second hollow rock/ 30 second Hollow side to side/ 10 Side roll to hollow L and R, 15 V – Ups, 25 Speed crunchers.

3) ARMS- Day 2-4
2/7 Press Handstands
3/20 Push Ups- Hollow Body- Feet elevated and chest must touch floor, panel mat
3/15 Dips- Thumbs to arm pits for full range of motion
3/12 90 Degree HSPU- rounded back, full ROM
2 – 1 Minute Handstands
2 Rope Climbs-

2/15 Reverse Twisting Sit Ups- Up and twist L/R 45 above horizontal.
3/10 Hamstring Push Ups
2/25 Arch Rocks
2/12 Reverse Leg Lifts- with weight between feet
BUTT CURCUIT- 25 each of knee to chest and extend/ straight leg lifts to 45 degrees above horizontal/ straight leg circle with leg above horizontal/ straight leg horizontal swings/ bend knee side lift, straight leg side lift and end with 10 second holds back high/ back horizontal and side horizontal.

Nov, Dec, Jan

1.) LEGS- (Quickness)
Plyometric Training
3 Passes Rabbit
75 single leg toe raises
8/20 sec Mountain Climbers
3/30- Double Board rebounds- to 8” mat stick finish
2- Dot Box- for speed

2/15- Hollow Hip Lifts
3/12- V- Ups – With Ball between feet- Do not drop the ball
2- 1 Minute- Ball Push Up Holds, Feet on Ball
10- Ball Push Ups- Hands on Ball, Feet elevated on stable surface
3/12 Leg Lifts- ( Timed- must do in 17 seconds)

3.) ARMS-
3/10- Clapping Push Ups- IF hands do not CLAP- add a set ( Max 5 sets)
2- Piked Rope Climbs- with foam block- Drop it = 4
2- Passes- Dip Travel- Slanted P-Bars
3/8 Press Handstands
2 Passes- Handstand Walks- Fall or break form = 4

3/12 Reverse Leg Lifts- With foam block and form
3/12- Reverse Leg Kicks- with Ankle Weights- explosive
3/12- Side Sit Ups- With foam block- fully extended
2- 1 Minute- Handstands with foam block
3/30 Arch Rocks with foam block fully extended


Competitive Season

The maintenance phase is used to allow the body to concentrate on the fine tuning of the routines while at the same time maintaining an adequate amount of strength. This also is somewhat of a rest for the body so in fact the athlete will have more energy and feel stronger at the time of the competition.

1.) Legs-
2-1:30 Minute Sprints/ Tuck Jumps
2/10 Squat Jumps- Up onto Elevated surface
2- 30 Second Straight Jump- ( rabbit punches)
1-10 single leg roll and jumps

2.) Stomach-
1/15 uphill sit ups ( hold for 10 seconds on last rep.)
2/15 v-ups (elbows at ears)
2/10 Leg lifts ( knees straight and all the way to the bar)
Hollow rock/ cruncher circuit- (30sec. hollow hold, followed by 15 crunchers, followed by 30 sec. hollow rock, followed by 15 crunchers)
2/25 twisting sit ups ( opposite elbow to knee)

3.) Arms-
2/12 90 degree HSPU ( ankles only on the elevated surface)
2/10 pull ups
2/15 Push ups ( feet elevated, hands closer than shoulder width)
2/10 SAPs ( Straight arm pulls with weight)

4.) Back, Hamstrings, Calves
1/25 reverse sit ups ( elbows behind the head, lift to strong hyperextension)
2/10 hamstring push ups ( hook feet under mat, slowly lower down to hands)
1/25 single leg toe rises ( on elevated surface, full ROM.)
2/25 arch rocks (large ROM)

This program should reduce the time by 15 minutes. Use the extra for other weaker events.

Girls Team
Conditioning Program

this is my conditioning program feel free to steal it. Its pretty hardcore and does take some time, but it gets their bodies extremely prepared.


Apr 9, 2007
also this should be noted that this is for my optionals level 8+ I have another one for my pre elite and elite kids. I don't run the compulsory program but I would find this suitable for them with maybe a little less numbers and the time frame would have to change for the months but its pretty good.

Rec Coach

Wow. Thank you so much for posting this! In such a competitive world (not just sports), it's nice to have people who share so freely their well-created resources! Even for my advanced rec girls, this gives tons of new ideas.

Thank you CoachL!


Nov 12, 2007

I am not a great fan of just throwing exercise together to put some conditioning into place, whiout really sitting down and thinking about what you are doing and why?
For example... if you are coaching rec kids...what is the real benefit behind doing something like (just to pick some exercise from CoachL list)
Wide Arm Pull Ups- to the NECK
Stalder Leg Lifts
Side Sit Ups
Even though these exercise are suitable for what CoachL is doing and he/she has determined that these exercise will serve his gymnasts best, it may not be the case for you.. so it would be an uneffective use of time by doing these.
Don't get me wrong, its fantastic to know as MANY exercises as possible, but more importantly its more important to know when to use what, and for what effects.

I would encourage you to think hard about the skills you are coaching and then base your conditioning on strengthening your athletes in the right muscle groups, with the correct muscle activation and mode etc.... From there you can put together a program with a series of exercise that are go from broad to specific as you progress Eg. Press to handstand progression conditioning exercise.
Step 1. Straddle holds, pancake (japan) development, Sitting in straddle doing leg lifts, planche rocks (either with coach or on swiss ball)
Step 2. Stoop through (maybe just one way to start.. but work on going in and out) on pommel. Press to handstands against wall on elevated surface. Reverse leg lifts. Keep working the straddle hold on different surafeces.. beam, pommel, P-bars etc
Step 3. Pancake against wall (shoulders open, knees into shoulders), Press to handstands against wall off floor (or spotted), Stoop throughs using parallets and feet on something slippery, or still on pommel but both ways (in and out)
Step 4. Straddle press to handstands spotted, press to handstand with feet on raised surface, pike presses with feet on raises surface
Step 5. Straddle press+presses from standing straddle. Pike presses

So as you can see the exercise start from a very broad general, to more specific.. its just an idea. At the end of day you need to train, and condition for what you are doing (this being more important the higher level you go). An analogy being you dont get good at jumping without jumping.

BUT!!! incase you didn't want a lecture here is our Physical Pre program

Warm up (Approx time– 7-10min)
1. Forward jogging (enforce that they are bouncy and not a race) x 1, O
2. Backward running (on straight legs, and pushing thought the toes) x 1, O
3. Side Chassè x 1, O

4. Chicken scratch 1, X
5. High knees 1, X
6. Butt flicks 1, X
7. Bounders 1, X
8. Sprint 1X – Focusing on high knees
1 X – Making the strides longer
1 X – Increase stride frequency
1 X – Trying to apply all technical aspects

9. Front chasse 2, I ---------
11. Front support walk 1, I and on way back rear support walks with plate 1, I.
12. Jump to tuck handstand x 20

30sec rotations on legs (left, middles, right, middles = 1 complete rotation rotation) x 3

Floor Barre (Approx time– 15-20min)
1. ½ point-stretch-flex x 4
2. Foot changes x 8
3. Point-rotate out-flex-rotate in x 8
4. Knee extensions x 8 and on last on hold maximal knee extension for 8sec
5. Body fold with feet flexed x 8sec
6. Roll back to candle hold x2sec, roll out to stand x 6

7. Front kicks x 8 and hold for 8sec L+R
8. Dish hold 20:20:20 x 1 (20sec hold, 20sec rest, 20sec on)
9. Side kicks x 8 and hold for 8sec L
10. Side arch hold x 20sec
11. Side kicks x 8 and hold for 8sec R
12. Side arch hold x 20sec
13. Back kicks/ leg lifts x 8 and hold x 8sec L+R
14. Arch hold 20:20:20
15. Japana x 6
16. A demi grond x 4 (front, side, close, change leg. Slow and hold positions x 2 on each leg)
17. On back hold middles stretch x 8sec
18. Hold pancake x 8sec than close,
19. Open hip dish x 30sec
20. Scissor kicks (alternate leg, medium pace) x 4 each leg
21. Body waves x 8

Holds Complex
L-sit (on beam or floor for some) – Lift for 5 sec, rest for 5 sec x 4
Piked leg lift hold – 10sec
Planched front support x 15sec (going around lifting their feet a little, not beyond horizontal)
Straddle hold(on floor or beam) – lift for 5 sec, rest for 5 sec x 4
Pancake leg lift hold x 10sec
Planched rear support x 10sec (going around lifting their feet)
Front splits press to pike stand
From front support press to piked stand

Leg Circuit
Bend – Stretch – Rise – Lower x 8
Squats x 15
Bend – Stretch – Rise – Lower x 8
Kneeling torso raises x 10
Zig-Zag stretch jumps up the floor and deapth jumps coming back x 2

Strength Circuit
Leg raises x 2 set as many as
Chi-ups x 2 sets as many as
Rope climb x 2 (preferably without feet as far as possible and then with)
Headstand handstands x 5
P-bar dips x 10
P-bar shoulder shrugs x 15

Splits x 2 rotations of 30sec
Pike against wall 2 x 20sec
Pancake 2x 20sec
Bridge 2 x 15sec
Dorsal hang 2 x 15sec
Inlocate dislocate with the rope x 10
Hanging of high bar to relax 20sec max

As you can see this is term 1.. exercise are relatively broad and easy.
This program was for 2006 the girls were raltively young, and were only about (what would be L3-4USAG) there program is much harder now, but at the same time i dont have it typed up haha.

In short as you can see what i have listed might not work for you, and the exercise might be inappropriate but it works for us (However this program WAYYYYYYY far from being ideal, and there is so much room for improvement its not even funny. The least to say i have gotten wiser and smarter in the past 2 years anyways).

Hope that helps


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Jun 29, 2007
RE: Conditioning program's

Thanks everyone for responding....and for the great idea's!!
I am really just looking for some variations on what i am doing right now and that really helps....
The girls I coach are ALL different levels ranging for Ontario Competitive program L2 to L5 ( which is first level provincial)...

All of the skill level's vary and I do condition to skill level....Thanks!

Hammy I would definity be interested in seeing what you have....I am always interested in learing new things! and thanks coachL and Valentin...
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