Could I become an elite??

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Im a level 8 at age 13 and started gym about age 12 and skipped level 6. I never did any classes i just jumped onto the pre team. I was wondering what do u do to qualify to become an elite?? How many hours to train?? And i cant do tops program bec/ my age so how do i start my quest?? And what are my chances i mean yes i know i started really late but i do luv the sport and have progressed really quicky. Any advice on how to become elite or what it takes to be elite would be helpful.

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Jan 4, 2008
Elite level gymnasts train 25-40 hours a week. If that is your goal then at this stage it would be ideal to be training at least 20-25 hours a week as a level 8.
Aug 26, 2008
It is going to take ALOT of hard training, commitment, and time to become an elite. You basically will have to push yourself no matter what happens. You can't shirk practice, you'll want to start conditioning, you'll have to perform every practice like it's a competition. You can't go on just talent alone. You'll need to practice alot lot lot lot lot. 20-25 hours a day. You'll need to keep your breaks minimal and perfect practice which will equal perfect in competition. You'll have to seriously commit yourself now if that is your goal. I can't really say all that you need to do but it will be hard. Sounds too hard? Maybe being an elite isn't for you. Because it is going to take alot more than you might be willing to commit. It'll be hard and rough. You'll feel sick and tired but will need to push through it. You couldn't complain or give up half way through. You'll have to remind yourself the reason you're going through this, and how this was your decision, nobody elses.
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Good points all-aroundgirl. I bet gymnastralo could do it if she really put her mind to it.


[email protected]. It's definitely within your grasp. If you cannot train enough hours, simply supplement by conditioning extra hours in if you can manage it.

Instead of TOPS, there is something called HOPES. Perhaps you could train with TOPS but not compete it just to get the extra time in to condition.
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