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  1. A

    Anon Gym building an elite program - would you stay if not on that path?

    My kid's gym has traditionally been an extremely strong JO/DP only program with the stated goal of getting girls to level 10 by freshman year and then on to a college team. They've been really successful at this and my child is most definitely still on this path. She is a 6th grade level 8 who...
  2. N

    Parents Path to team

    Total gymnastics newbie here so pardon my ignorance. We have two girls 6&8 who started in rec classes 6 months ago. Went from beginner to intermediate then oldest tested in advanced & we were told youngest did not but when I look at her testing score it's higher. So we reached out to inquire and...
  3. T

    Parents D1 path

    For those with college gymnasts, how many years at L10 did she do? How many repeated L8/9 years? Just curious because our gym has a fairly small, new batch of L6/7s who all want to do college gym but are all on the older side... 11/12... they are super well coached and score high with up trained...
  4. H

    Parents Level Progression Path - Pros/Cons?

    Would anyone care to share their experience or advice on the best way forward after Level 4? I understand some gyms prefer their gymnasts to score out of 5 and spend a year competing 6. Others prefer their gymnasts to compete a full season at 5 and then go directly to 7. And still others prefer...
  5. WV Gym Mom

    Parents Age/Level and Path they took to get there

    Seems to be quite a few posts recently about fast tracking, skipping levels, switching gyms, pushing for advancements... I think some (especially new) gym parents may assume this the norm. But I think most gymnasts follow a pretty "boring" path. What was the path of your child? My daughter...
  6. JBS

    Parents Pros & Cons of the "Elite Path"

    If your child has participated in any part of the elite programming... TOPs Hopes Camps - TOPs / DIC / DC / National Team Jr. or Sr. Elite Future Stars (MAG) Other countries too What was your child's experience and what were the pros & cons? What path did they take? Let's hear more about how...
  7. L

    Parents L10 parents, can you share your gym successes/shortcomings for younger college path athletes?

    For L10 parents with gymnasts on a prospective college path - What's the one (or several) best thing/s that you would say your gym, or coaches, did to help your athlete be successful in their college gymnastics approach? Or alternatively, what did you WISH had been done? Any advice can you offer...
  8. gymmomv2

    Parents NJ Gym with Elite Path Recommendation

    I am new to this forum and would really appreciate your advice on how to find a suitable gym in NJ for my 9-year-old daughter who is currently at Level 7. Her level 6 season was cut short last year due to COVID and she has been struggling this year. After a lot of conversations and...
  9. Ajoy

    Parents Questions about gymnast's path

    My daughter is a seven-year-old level 3. She has been doing exceptionally well in her first year of competition, is strong, and has acquired higher level skills with minimal uptraining. (competes kips, climbs the rope with legs piked, can do back tucks) The gym she is at is very much on the one...
  10. C

    Parents Advice - 9 year old path

    My 9 year old daughter has been practicing gym since she is 2. She is now training level 6 for 15 hours a week. Recently less because of the pandemic and the gym shutting down during the evenings and weekends. She's been invited to join the sport-study group next year in grade 5. The issue: she...
  11. notthatmom

    WAG Anyone out there in Harvey's path?

    Just know you're in my thoughts and prayers! And hope your families, your homes, and your gyms stay safe!
  12. L

    Parents Trying to find the right path...insight requested.

    This is super long....apologizing in advance. I'm just going to pour it all out the best I can... I feel like my daughter is at a crossroads as far as gymnastics is concerned right now. We left our gym...she was not happy and was wanting to quit gymnastics completely and as I had promised her...

    Parents Young gymnast hoping to attend elite path

    We are from Canada and gymnastics does not seem to be as strong as in USA. But still, my daughter seems to be a very talented gymnast. She will be coached by probably one of the best coach in the region. That's good news but our concerns is that our club as never produced an Elite gymnast. It...
  14. D

    WAG For any of you in Hurricane Matthew's path...

    ....I send you good thoughts. I hope no one is experiencing evacuations, etc. It sounds like it is going to be crazy!
  15. D

    WAG Elite Path or Track????

    I see this a lot. My kid is not anywhere near Elite. But I am curious. What does being on an Elite path or Elite track exactly mean? And where is the line from hoping to be Elite to actually be on track for Elite?
  16. D

    WAG Need advice - what level, what gym, what path

    I need advice - from parents, coaches and gymnasts. I appreciate everything you guys say. This upcoming season (15-16) I will be competing as a 15 year old. Last season I was 14 and competed level 4 at a YMCA. This season my coaches would like me to repeat level 4. We talked to them about...
  17. lilmisssunshine

    Parents The Path of a Gymnast?

    I don't want to derail the publicity thread with my newbie questions, but I just seriously don't know. It seems that a lot of parents are hoping that the kid will be on a college gymnastics team (perhaps with a scholarship), but are there other options? I mean, if the child chooses a school...
  18. Kcanflip

    Parents Which path to take???

    Curious on what parents and coaches would recommend in my gymmies situation. We are not at this crossroads yet, but will be in May. My DD will be 12 in early summer. She did USAG through level 3 then we changed gyms and the new gym felt she wasn't competition ready for level 4 USAG so we are...
  19. M

    WAG DD is interested in following Elite path...

    Hi. So my dd aspires to be part of an elite team in the future. She's still in the beginning stages of gymnastics, but made it clear to me that she wants to become an elite gymnast. I read somewhere that athletes that are interested in following this path, should start early in their gymnastic...
  20. A

    Odd path to collegiate Club gymnastics

    My daughter has never competed on the JO track. Before competing Level 5, she switched to the prep optional track and has stayed there for years. She has been very successful and has competed at the Platinum level for the past two years - this would be her third and last year as she is in 12th...