Drills for Bar release moves

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May 22, 2009
At the Gym!
Hey guys,
So a couple of the girls at our gym and I have been working on Bails, Geingers,and Yaegers (is that spelled right?) on bars. I was wondering if anyone would like to share what drills they do at their gyms to prepare themselves to better learn the skills. I also wanted to know if anyone has an opinion on what release move would be the best to focus the most time on (which release would be more beneficial in the future)
Thanks Guys!
My dd is training Level 9 and she is working bails and paks for her high to low release, toe hechts for her low to high release and they just started to work the very beginning of tkatchev's for same bar release for the future. I think the goal is to compete the bail for Level 9 (and maybe the toe hecht). The rest is for the future. They have all kinds of drills...
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