Parents Emily's Hair today for her meet. I am proud of myself

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
I am not the best hairdresser in the world, lol. But I think this turned out cute and I hope I can keep doing it and having it turn out as good as it did today.

With curlers..



After we were are all done




And of course my 5 year old had to get gymnastics pose pics, lol so just a few bonus pics with Madi's best "Stick It" pose



And Emily's "Stick It" pose... WE love to pretend that we would salute the judges with the "Stick It" pose, lol...
too cute! we just saw stick it yesterday. (i had seen it when it came out) my DD loved it.
Hair do is cute...but not as cute as your girls are! My DD thought the hair (she was looking over my shoulder)was neat too, but I am not sure she would sit for it, LOL

I don't have to do "meet" hair again until til September, (yeah) but the coach usually has us do french braids because too many girls were complaining about high ponies or buns killing them on floor when they did the overloads.
Cute:applause::applause::applause: Good job!!!They are so cute!! my dd has to have french braids too cause her ponies fall out when she does the back roll extention It happened during warmups once and we had to have someone quick redo it before march-in.:D
looks cute! we do chelsea's hair the same way but hers is longer!!
Great job with the hair style. I am so not the hair stylist type. I need to start to play more with DD's hair. It seems to always be falling out of her pony tail.

Both of your DD's are so cute.
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