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Jul 19, 2011
Region 9
So, D has started working 1 1/4 on pbars, and apparently needs something for his upper arms. What might this something be?

Also, for heel protection for release moves, I believe I have heard hockey elbow pads? Looking to pick up more equipment this

I used to love how we needed very little for gymnastics compared to other sports. now, in his gym bag, he has:
2 sets of HB grips
2 sets of rings grips
1 set wristbands
1 pair pommel pants
1 set skidz
2 ankle braces
2 knee braces
kt tape
pre wrap
foam roller
and now needs these other things!

Pray a locker opens up at the gym soon! LOL!
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Compression sleeves for runners may also work.
Our coach told the boys just to cut the lower arm off of an old sweatshirt & wear the sweatshirt for pbars.
Yeah. I have heard bad stories about slamming heels on the bars learning releases.....his old gym had some that everyone used, but he has to get his own now.
My son says he and the older boys at the gym use their wristbands sometimes for protection.
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