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Well It's D Day!

Last night was our last training session at our old facility.
After training we packed up our gym onto a lorry (it took just 3 journeys, but we had taken lots of equipment during the week too)
We had so many parents turn up it was unbelievable!

We finished moving the equipment at 9.30 last night, and some of the parents had started laying the equipment down at the new gym, and we were all home by about 10pm!

Today, again, we had a number of coaches and parents turn up at 8am to start getting the gym ready. At 4.35pm we finished what we could do and at 5pm we had our first class in the new gym!! AMAZING!

Pics to follow!
This is just awesome! I know you all are just bursting from excitement and pride. Congratulations!
THat is awesome news, I am sure you are all exhausted, but elated. I can still remember the hard work in the weeks before we moved, but what a thrill to see the girls faces on the first day.
I am totally exhausted! Got home just after 5 as I wasn't coaching tonight and haven't moved since! Watched the Worlds Women's AA On BBC of course!

Here is an updated slideshow of the new gym:

New Gym slideshow by wfgsphotos - Photobucket

Unfortunately the bars aren't in full working order as the chains didn't get fixed in time - we have had to put floor plates in and the resin wasn't dry in time. The pit is also out of bounds until the foam arrives from France, but other than that it was workable!

Competition tomorrow, Rest on Sunday, then next week we have to do all the finishing touches - putting posters up etc. There is lots to do but we are in!!
Wonderful news. Good luck tomorrow and enjoy your new place. A new future starts NOW!
Very impressive. Looks very nice. Its wonderful that you had so much help getting things settled in. Im sure you all will enjoy many many years in your wonderful new gym. Cant wait to see the very final pictures. And I hope the girls did great at their competition
Quick update on the gym...

It's now been 6 weeks since we moved in and we are still not 100% there, but...

We now have heating!!! Poor gymnasts had to train without heating for the first couple of weeks, but luckily it wasn't too cold! We are very lucky to have had the heating installed in time for the snow though! It's still not quite warm enough in the gym, however that is down to the weather being really cold for this time of year. We are saving up for a couple more 'blowers' so that the gym will heat up faster!

The pit is now in! Sadly we had to wait until last week for the foam to arrive due to strikes in france. However it is now in and we are allowed to use it tomorrow!!!The gymnasts can't wait, and even the coaches are excited. I'm gutted my ankle still isn't better as I'd love to have a go!

Apart from the pit, according to the gymnasts, the best thing about the gym is the sweetie machine!

All that is really left to do is make the entrance/waiting room more welcoming - we've just put some carpet tiles down and we've put all our news, club info and competition results up on notice boards, but currently its also a bit of a dumping ground for all of the rubbish which needs to go to the tip, so as soon as that is gone we'll be ready - Christmas holidays might be quite busy!

I'll try to get some pics tomorrow!
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