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As I have posted my dd just moved up to level 4 at a new gym. This past friday there was a picnic for the team. My dd had only been on the team for 9 days and only knew a couple of kids by name and was very shy. She was standing watching the level 8- elite girls play catch. There were over 20 of them and my 7 year old wanted to play. One of the parents called her daughter over and she brought my dd to join them. These girls played with my dd all evening long. She was so excited that she got to play with the level 8's. They even spoted her doing backhandsprings in the grass. This was all my dd could talk about. When it was time to go they said they would see her Monday. She now feels a part of something. It is not enough to be picked for a team but to feel like you are a part of something.
I soo agree!! that is great that they included her in there play!!!
Kids (parents too) need to feel as tho they are a part of the group!!
Now that sounds just the way gym should be. I am very happy that your DD has found such a great place to be.

We have an annual sleepover at the gym the Friday before school starts and all the new gymnasts, preteam included, are invited to spend the night. The girls make forts, eat cookies/candy, run around like chickens with their heads cut off and bond with each other. In the morning, the team girls from the year before find out what level they will be, envelops cannot be opened in the gym. In most cases, the levels are not a big surprise to anyone. Most parents know ahead of time if their child is not moving to help them deal with the gymnasts and they are in agreement with the coach's assessment. For one gymnast this year, it was a relief to maintain Level 5 to refine her skills and work on her maturity level. OK, that's a bit off the subject! LOL!
sounds like a wonderful fit

:D How very nice for your little one Medic! :applause:It sounds like this gym is just what she needed... is there a chance you will still be moving out of state? Or is this the gym she can grow/excel in?
we will still move when I find a job, however her new coach worked in the area we are moving to and will help us find a gym
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