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hmm, I think I like Destination Triumph the best. The other one seemed to have a LOT of tempo changes in it


I think that having a piece of floor music that fits you is very important. For level 7 I've narrowed down my choices to these two:

energym music

energym music

The problem is that I just can't choose!
Please help!

Well I don't know you and your personality so saying one is better for you than another is hard but I do like the 2nd one better I think its Destination Triumph.

gym monkeys mom

Proud Parent
Oct 3, 2007
one of the girls from our gym used Destination Triumph it wasa a great piece and she has done well with it.

I too like it better than the other.

Best wishes to you :)
Mar 3, 2009
The second one does have more changes in tempo, which is always nice... but I am a big fan of the first one as well. Wicked is AMAZING and Defying Gravity is one of my favorites. :D
I really like them both! I don't know your personal preference, but they are both amazing and I'm sure you'll do awesome with either song. Good luck deciding, but remember that you know you the best, we don't.


destination triumph is deff. the best i think it is awsome!!!!!
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