For Parents Florida Meet Results! (long!)

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Jan 17, 2008
First let me say I have been reading everyones Posts but have not been able to respond to any of them. Sounds like another fun filled weekend of 1st Optional Meets (way to go Cait), The MN Winter Challenge was well attended by Chalk Bucketers!

We woulda competed that meet but instead we hit the sunny state of Florida! Delightful! We flew out Thursday morning (had a 2 1/2 hour flight delay) but landed in plenty of time to have a nice dinner with the family, relax in the pool and go to bed early (I had only an hour of sleep the night before... do any of you get like that? No sleep the night before having to get up at 4:00 am? )

Friday we spent the day at Magic Kingdom. Beetle and Bug ( my DD's) have been there 3 times but this was the first trip for our 5 year old son. And let me tell you the fireworks over Cinderella's castle get me every time! it is truly magical!

Beetle had a 8:00 am report time on Saturday. Luckily we got lots of sleep and were able to get up and out of the condo in plenty of time! First up was Beam...she was confident and strong, one judge gave her connection on her flight, the other didnt but In the end she had a 10.0 Start value score.. 8.8! That is a good score for her.

onto floor, which is normally her strongest event. If you remember from last meet she had a composition deduction for her turn so her coaches changed it to a double full turn, she stepped out of it a little bit and landed back on her heels on her front lay out. Score 8.6.. hmm.. a little on the low side we thought, but oh well.. she did her best and the judges just didnt like what they saw whatever it was...

Onto Vault.. she had worked really hard during the week on her tsuk's. Her coach said she would warm them up and if they were safe she could do it.. well what do you know! NAILED her Tsuk! Stood both up. score 8.8 Highest Vault score ever!

Finally bars. She was dead last to go. Warm ups were terrible, didnt turn any pirouettes in warm up... she goes to compete.. kip, cast to handstand.. and stops... ... nothing... nothing ... nothing.. finally does a clear hip to handstand.. turns the pirouette.. jump to high bar.. Gorgeous giants. Sticks her fly away. score 8.85.. highest bar score ever!

And guess what? Beetle came home with a bunch of medals!

Vault 2nd place
Bars 2nd place
Beam 3rd Place
Floor 4th Place

AA 35.025 4th place.

It was really fun to watch her enjoy the entire meet. We were very proud of how hard she has worked coming back from both injuries and watching her accomplish her goals!

The rest of the time was spent having good family Disney fun!
Now that is a fab meet report. It sounds like the whole family had a great trip and Beetle did an amazing job.

WooHoo on that tsuk and also on those career highs.
What a fabulous meet! Way to go and icing on the cake with the personal bests. So glad that you all could spend some good quality family time at Disney also. I LOVE Disney!!!!

Marvelous! Beetle must be so proud of her accomplishments! And, it'd be so fun to be able to enjoy Disney on top of the meet. What a great time! :)

We went to Disney as a family for the first time this past fall. I can relate to the Castle and the feelings it evokes; I can still get choked up recalling the kids' reactions to seeing the castle for the first time, especially our 4 yo, who is a bona fide princess and lover of all things princess!

(Thanks for the kudos to Cait, too. :) )
Congratulations! Sounds like a great time for all involved. I'm glad she put together a good meet and was rewarded for it.
Sounds like a GREAT Meet!
my friends dd compteted in that meet in Fl too!
Disney is so much fun we just went there for Christmas.
Congrats to Beetle, are those not the coolest medals. Bug came home with 4 of 5 last year and they were so unique.
Wow, wonderful meet report for Beetle! I heard that this meet was scored a lot harder than in the past, but it seems that is the trend this year for scoring period!

Glad that Disney was a fun time too, I always love seeing the little ones faces light up and the fireworks, love them! ;)
Woohoo! Great job Beetle! Good for her getting her highest bars and vault scores ever and look at all those medals! Our Level 7s and 9s and 10s went to this meet and everyone said the weather was great and how fun it was to visit the Magic Kingdom while there. Sounds like a really great meet to attend. Congratulations to Beetle on a great meet!

Woohoo! Congrats to Beetle! What a wonderful weekend and a great meet for Beetle. So happy for you all. :) Hope she has a great season!! Look forward to hearing more meet reports. :D
Congrats to Beetle, are those not the coolest medals. Bug came home with 4 of 5 last year and they were so unique.

The coolest medals Ever! Beetle's favorite animal is the Manatee... That was the floor medal. The one event we didn't think she would place on. When they called her name she GLOWED! Got her Manatee Medal!
I heard that this meet was scored a lot harder than in the past, but it seems that is the trend this year for scoring period!

The scoring was Very consistent with what we see in MN. 9's were there but you had to REALLY earn them. Beetle had the 2nd highest AA of all the girls we brought down ( Level's 6 - 10). And I am okay with that. It can be hard on a gymmie to go out of state and get amazing scores then come back home and 2 points lower.

And I think my eyes light up more than my kiddos do! LOL.. Something about Disney just melts my heart.
Some day I would like a meet like that, that really was magical, sounds like dreams came true! Glad you all had such a great time and DD accomplished so much! I want to go to Disney now, I'm getting the itch! We used to go almost every year but once DD started gymnastics team the money has not exactly been there, LOL
Wow! Now that was a meet to remember!!! WTG Beetle! A huge CONGRATULATIONS to her:D! Thanks for sharing the details of your great weekend with us. Sounds like a great family weekend as well as a GREAT meet! :D
What a great meet report! Sounds like you had alot of fun both at the meet and during the rest of the trip. Congrats to Beetle on those scores!
Congrats to Beetle! What an awesome place to her your personal best scores! I'm sure she will remember it fondly always. I too am a sucker for Disney truly it is a place to be a family together, Magical.
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