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Proud Parent
Jan 4, 2017
my daughter practicing a new release on the bars slapped the lower bar with her foot. She fractured her middle toe. The doctor said she should stay off of it for a month. Does anybody have experience with broken toes? Is amonth a good assessment?


Proud Parent
Oct 27, 2015
My DD broke her toe (obvious break as it was at a 90 degree angle to the side). It was amazing how fast she recovered from that. Placed in a boot at first just to protect it when she was at school. No running/jumping/landing for 3 weeks. No vault or tumbling on floor for 5 weeks. Missed one meet and it back at it.


Proud Parent
Jan 27, 2013
My son broke his pinkie toe. It was a bad break. He had to wear one of those shoes for a month, no landings, tumbling, anything where he might hit his foot... (so basically nothing). After a month he could ease into things again.

Mrs. Puma

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Sep 23, 2014
Syracuse, NY
Puma Jr broke her pinky toe and competed 6 weeks and change later. But she was only XG at the time, so not as advanced as a kid doing bar release moves! I would assume a middle toe break would be slightly worse? I know a big toe break is a lot more severe. Good luck! Hope she heals quickly!


Proud Parent
Sep 30, 2013
My dd broke her big toe right after Thanksgiving while was pretty gruesome (open fracture, I won't go into details!) but she was in a boot all day (except for sleeping) to protect it for 4 weeks-she is on the HS team so had to go to practices, did a lot of conditioning there and at club gymnastics! After four weeks, the break was healing but not healed so she had another two weeks of limited conditioning/bars but no high-impact gymnastics and was supposed to wear the boot at gym, although she "lost" the top of it. At the 6 week mark, which was last week, the break was "just healed" according to the foot doctor. He did clear her to ease back into tumbling and told us she'd be fully cleared at 8 weeks.
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