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Jan 8, 2006
Ahwahnee, CA
Anyone have any advice on getting those legs straight in the giant? Gymbabi is frustrated, her giants that were straight legged when she wore her shoes (after the cast came off, the doctor said to wear athletic shoes for a month) are now bent. I think it's just getting her timing all adjusted so she feels like she's going to make it, but she's worried anyway.


Is she bending her knees because she is afraid of not going over the bar? Because if you don't go over it's no big deal, it happens all the time when you are learning giants. I would always just do a half turn (like the Level 5 beam dismount) and land on a mat. Is her technique good on her giants? Is she taping underneath the bar at the right time? On eof the problems i see a lot of the time is the girls try to lead the giants and get over with their shoulders first. Make sure she gets her toes up quickly and leads with her toes. She is probably letting her feet trail behind so she tucks her knees to get over. I hope this helps!
Nov 22, 2006
what i always tell my younger teammates when they're learning giants is make sure on the way down from handstand (or cast horizontal whatever) make sure your toes go down first, and fast. always stay hollow, and if you look where you're going you'll never hit the bar. honestly though, you might hit the bar, but it won't hurt. the only way to solve bent knees is to keep 'em tight :)
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