WAG Good LONG video talk about mental blocks, fears, anxiety etc

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Nov 16, 2012

I just came across this video that actually made my day. It's good stuff, mostly things that I already knew and that are repeatedly mentioned on this forum too, but you can never think about these issues too much. I want to be the coach that has the tools to help an athlete to overcome all these mental struggles.

I know something about fears and blocks, my gymnasts have had a good share on them. But today was a good day, since I can now officially say that all of my 4 "elite squad" level 3 (somewhat equivalent to level 8 or 9 in the US) athletes are happily doing and sticking their beam series (BHS-BHS) on the high beam! It has been a long road for sure for every one of them but now I can see that the anxiousness is almost gone and they can enjoy gymnastics again! And meet season starts in theree weeks, yay!
Thank you for posting this! I watched it with both of my girls and it opened up a lot of issues for discussion that would have been swept under the rug. Our favorite parts were building your brick wall one "perfect" brick at a time, staying in your own bubble, and using mental choreography to help overcome injury, fears, and mental blocks. Perfect timing on this post!!!
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