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Proud Parent
Jun 14, 2019
I know we can't post a link to a GoFundMe here, but does anyone know of a public forum other than Facebook we could reach a larger gymnastics audience? We are a very small gym in a semi rural area, so reaching out via social media and the internet is our greatest chance. Thank you.


Proud Parent
Dec 22, 2016
Maybe Instagram and tag and hashtag a bunch so it will come up in searches? Also Twitter? I am not a big twitter person so don't have much thought on how to help there. If you joining any of the "crazy gymnastics mom" groups on facebook there is a HUGE following there you could maybe get more advice or exposure if they let you post it. If you want to post in a group I would ask the admin first so it doesn't get deleted or get you booted.

I also think some leotard companies will partner to do fundraisers depending on the cause you could reach out to some of them and ask for opportunities. Some of the bigger gymnastics meets also have programs and sell advertising space now that would cost money but it would be a targeted audience. that might be a stretch but trying to think outside the box for you.
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