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  1. M

    WAG NSW - National and State Stream

    Hi all! Apologies as I know this is unlikely to get much traction here but I can no longer find the Australia forum. It seems that GymNSW has added a National and State stream option. Just curious if anyone knows much about it? Is it a formal thing where you have to be registered as a State or...
  2. stxrdusty

    Coaches What to expect at National Congress?

    Hello, I'm wondering what the experience of national congress is like. My gym is currently planning on paying for me and several of our other coaches to attend congress as its in our state this year. I've never been, but have been coaching since 2014 and currently have no goals of becoming a...
  3. skschlag

    MAG Men's National Team

    Landon Blixt was added to the Senior Development Team to replace Josh Karnes.
  4. Anonymous Post

    Anon Possibly Unpopular Question: Former National Team Members Competing in Nastia?

    There are often questions on this forum about "is it fair for former elites to compete L10?" or "Is it fair for someone training tops to compete L4?" or "Is it fair for someone with L7 skills to compete L5?" etc. etc. and my opinion to all of these is a simple "yes." I mean, we all know that...
  5. M

    Parents North west national 5 (UK)

    Just trying to plan ahead! Anyone have a date for the above grade yet?? Can't find it anywhere. Very location soe ific and a real long shot! Thanks in advance!!
  6. M

    Parents National 5 videos

    UK gym mum here. I know this is a real long shot but just wondering if anyone has vids of their kids who did North west National 5? Impossible to find on YouTube. My little lady will be doing this in May in place of the regional grades in January. Would love to see a good example to show her! Thanks
  7. M

    Parents National grade 5

    Hi all. First time posting. My daughter who is currently 7, 8 on July has been asked to do national grade 5 next may. I'm delighted as she had done grade 6 club grade in January and thought she was sticking to regional. My question is is the national grade 5 actually recognised? Is it more of a...
  8. gym_dad32608

    NCAA First-ever National TV NCAA Meet This Sunday Florida vs Alabama (2PM CST On ABC)

    3pm EST ABC. NCAA gymnastics is getting much more coverage this year. Should be a good meet. I expect Bama to be much more composed than they showed last week at Oklahoma.
  9. A

    Parents Regional or national

    What is better regional or national competitions? Whats a higher level?
  10. T

    WAG New National Team Coordinator

    I was surprised to discover that the Russians and Americans had the same total team start value, 68.8. Of course that's counting the 1.5 Yurchenko for Simone. So we totally lost this on execution. I think the Americans have been increasingly getting lax in terms of execution. I was never a fan...
  11. txgymfan

    MAG Allen Bowers - the only male alternate not named to national team

    This is so sad. Somehow it posted twice. Sorry.
  12. JBS

    MAG 2021 Men's US National Championships Day 2

    Typically ChalkBucket has more of a parent / coach based crowd than the elite fan crowd. If you want to talk about men's championships tonight... check out this thread over at Gymnaverse... should be some good conversation over there once the competition begins...
  13. C

    Parents Tops National Test Score Calculation

    Im trying to calculate my daughters score from the national testing worksheet sheet received from her trip to Indianapolis. She competed as a 10 year old. Does any body know/Understand the formula. Thank You!!
  14. J

    WAG Junior Elite National Team

    Was just watching the U.S. Championships and it got me wondering what competitions come next after making the junior elite National Team? The Seniors have the Worlds coming up in October but what do the juniors have to look forward to? Where exactly, what major competition, will they be...
  15. Mrs. Puma

    WAG TOPS National Qualifier list is out

    Congrats to all!
  16. Nikki4

    WAG New national team warm up

    Anybody have a video of the new warm up?? Daughter has to learn the new one :) we’ve trie everything, the only place we found it was on flo gymnastics but you have to have the pro account
  17. Aero

    WAG JO National Championships proposal.

    Has anyone else had a chance to read this yet? JO National Proposal. I can't decide if I am completely in favor yet, but I like a lot of the ideas presented, and some really good arguments are made. I'm looking forward to the discussion on this one! I think an overhaul would be nice.
  18. G

    Club, Regional or National Grades eligibility

    My daughter recently qualified for the National Compulsory Level 4 at Fenton Manor in May and will represent her region with team. Whilst reading through the Women's Artistic National Competition Handbook 2019 it quotes "A Gymnast is not eligible to enter Club, Regional or National Grades if...
  19. sce

    MAG National Signing Day

    This was a pretty amazing senior class. Exciting to hear where they are all ending up for college. One of E's teammates has committed to Cal. Stanford is going to have an amazing team next year.
  20. Ty’s Dad

    Parents National Camp

    I have a couple questions regarding Tops A camp. I heard the girls only can use their phones at certain times. Is that true? Are the coaches on site or at a hotel? How many girls are in a cabin? If teammates all made camp do they put them in the same cabin or separate them? Do they...