gymnastics shops in new york ???

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im going to new york soon and staying in manhatten somewhere called the wingate ........any way are there any gymnastics shops for leo's nd stuff like that in new york ??????
Aug 2, 2008
east coast
You could google it and see what you come up with-you might find combo gym/dance shops. You can also try some of the gym clubs- Chelsea Peirs, etc to see what their proshops are like.


Definitely go down to Chelsea Piers if you get the chance to. Their gym is absolutely amazing. Its a little bit further away from the touristy parts of Manhattan, so you might want to take a cab down there. Chelsea Piers is on 12th Ave. between 17th and 23rd Streets. If you do decide to walk it, go downtown on one of the avenues and over on 23rd St. That will avoid some sort of sketchy neighborhoods. There is plenty of other stuff to do at the Piers besides just see the gym and athletic stuff there.
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