Gymnastics Stuff?

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Dec 8, 2007
Sorry I know thats not a very good title but I hope some people will read this.

Anyway Do you have like a bunch of gymnastics stuff? (Hence the title lol!)
I don't mean like leos and grips. Well DUH were are gonna have that. Guess what? Incase you didn't know we're gymnasts!!!!!!!! I'm sure this is BREAKING NEWS to all of you!

DO you have like gymnastics t shirts and like posters and all that stuff? My room is mostly gymnastics posters on the walls! I have about 3,436 gymnastics t shirts. My favorite is like Think gymnastics isn't a sport? Then it has a picture of a girl on beam in a handstand and then it has a ruler that has like 4 inches then its like any questions? Then i have the classic gymnastics 24/7/52. ok so I have a lot but I don't want to bore you anymore then I already am. I can see it now this thread gets deleted for being the lamest thread ever! Sorry everyone!!!

I also have all these gymnastics podcasts on my ipod that now works again! Praise the Lord!! Thanks itunes for all these wonderful gymnastics podcasts! If anyone makes gym podcasts you definitely should give me the link! Everyone thinks I'm weird but basically I use my ipod to watch stick it and watch gymnastics podcasts! LOL I do listen to music too though! I also have some interview with Southern Pacific University's gym team from 1996-1997. haha its so old but i was like oh gymnastics I have to get this! Anybody else have any other gym things that I need to download??


I have a million too. I never get rid of any! Example: I still have my level four state shirt, and that was 6 years ago! I like that ruler shirt; I haven't seen it before. My favorites are of course if gym were easy it'd be called foot ball and "forget the island...I survived a real sport" and it has the survivor logo on it. I love them because the provoke arguments w/the guys I pole vault with. And I almost always win! When I get tired of arguing, we just have a v-up contest. That settles it for the day.


You bet! They're my favorite. Then there was this time in English where we were doing a review game, and I was the only one from my team giving answers, and we were tied. Then this one guy was like "Ok, pushup contest to see who wins." And I won...he could only do about 25! It was so funny.


Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
wow do they really have gymnastics podcasts on itunes?? that's awesome! K im stoked now! lol definitely downloading some of those tonight!
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