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So, I've been thinking of hanging out bucket from the ceiling support beams. It's actually been tricky as to which ones I can and where.

Besides that, I went out and found some Lag Eye bolts from the hardware store. They have one that is supposed to be for 225 lbs and another for 365 lbs. Probably more than enough. I want to say the ceiling beam is 4 inches thick by 8 inches wide. I dunno, it's way up there so it's not like I've measured it. I've chosen this beam as it's thicker than some of the others that look like 4x4's.

Attached to the Lag Eye Bolt was a sticker stating these were not to be used for support human weight or athletic equipment. I've also been thinking of getting a couple to hang a set of rings in the living room and a bucket in our workout room at home. When company is over I'll just hang plants and take off the rings or rope.

Do ya think this is mostly to cover their own butts should they fail? Would these suffice or should I use something else. It's not good if it cracks the beam or comes out when it's swinging. While most of the kids are under 70 lbs, I'm sure some of our adults would like to use it as well.

Right now, I hang the bucket from the strap bar since it's close to the pommel horse area. I really have not been in the mood to hang it from the ceiling due to the height. It's probably anywhere from 17 to 22 or 25 feet high. I would have to build a tower of mats and block to lean the ladder against if it even would go that high. Major pain in the butt.


Nov 12, 2007
Hi Blair

I think that its not realllly an issue. The bolts themselves will easily handle the weight my concern would be as you say "it is splitting the beams". If were you.. i sugguest using an pulley system.. So threat the rope though the fish eye (as we call it in NZ) bolt, and attach the rope to another fish eye bolt which is screwed into a wall (if that is and option at all) so you can easily adjust the height of the bucket as well. Also attach to the bucket if you can a 360 rotating double eye cam that the rope never gets twisted, and the gymnasts can go on and on and on and on. This 2 bolt system should share some of the tension i would imagine, and might prevent cracking.. OR!!!alternatively rather then pulling a bolt in the beam, just throw the rope over the beam (if you can) (and get some rope protecting stuff from a rock climbing/outdoor place) to prevent the rope from wear and tear on the beam edges.

That is pretty much what i have done in our gym. The boy (as we have only 1 boy in the gym) have never complained, and i am sure that the rope and the attachement system is safe enough to one day allow him to work circle in the bucket on a elevated pommel (as we dont have a ground pommel with handles).

Hope that is of so use to you.
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