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Sep 19, 2008
I need a name for a conditioning + flexibility + gymnastics related dance class please! I've wanted this forever, wrote up a whole program of what I'd like to do and what it sets out to accomplish. Down to class ratios, impact on the gym while rec is going on concurrently, how to market it and what the parents and participants can expect from it.

I just don't have a name for it. I don't want 'gymnastics' in the name. While it would of course emphasize gymnastics shapes and movement, I'd like it to be a possibility in the mind of any athlete that has interest in the gym but not necessarily gymnastics. For instance, kids with siblings at the gym who are into other competitive sports but would like to workout. That kind of thing. Sorry I'm writing this fast, I'm on the phone as I do, so I hope it makes sense!


What about something simple, descriptive, and catchy? like "Strength & Flexibility" (or S&F for short)?


Jul 5, 2007
Is there an age range or separate ages? For younger kids (say under 8) I'd probaby call it something like "Power Kids" with the description. For older ages, I'd call it something like "Sports Fitness" or if you want a more catchy name, maybe combine like PowerFit, SportsFit, or GymFit.

Note: you could also use crosstraining in the name but I'd stay away from CrossFit because I know for sure that's like a licensed thing. The other ones, I don't know.
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