Anon Help with Back Walkover?

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Hello :)

I can do a backbend kick-over and a front walkover but I struggle with doing a backbend on one foot that I need to do for a back walkover. Does anyone have any advice for that?

Also, I have mediocre back flexibility, so if anyone has a stretching routine for back and shoulders, can you share it here?

Thank you and any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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I have a pretty rough backwalkover (slightly bent legs, no pointed toes, etc) , but I can do one. I also have really mediocre back flexibility, and I don't stretch my back regularly (only my shoulders).

The hardest part is overcoming the fear of going back on one leg, so for that I'd say just practice falling into a bridge with both feet on the ground first with one foot in front of the other, if that makes sense.

heres a pic of what I mean:

2023-03-21 (2).png

This is NOT my picture- credit goes to the youtube channel "TC2"

I did that a few times and then just went for it, but everyone is different so don't be discouraged if it doesn't come to you in a few days.

Good luck!