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Hey I'm new to this site, but not to gymnastics. I've been involved in gymnastics for the past 13 years...I joined when I was 8 and my parents drove my sister and I 70 miles one way, 3 days a week (not including meets) for seven years. After seven years, Mom and Dad decided to start their own gym closer to home (30 miles from our house...they live on a farm). Granted, our gym is super small (our floor is only 24' X 48', we have one set of bars, one high beam, our ceiling is only 12 feet high so I can't cast very high on bars and I have to be careful when I vault and tumble, and our vault is only a training vault with the velcro things that make it stick to the floor with the runway being the floor with two panel mats) but it's pretty sweet.

I'm 21 years old and in college now, but I'm still competing Level 8. I'm not exactly in shape any more but I have a lot of passion for the sport and I love competing! I now train at an awesome gym which is simply great--all 3 of their Level 10's qualified for Nationals. I coach there, so they let me work out for free. It's an awesome deal for me. This summer, I'm trying to learn a tsuk vault, a backwalkover/backhandspring connection on beam (mine had been backhandspring/backwalkover), and handstand 1/2 pirouette on bars.

Anyways...tell me about yourselves...I love meeting new people...especially people who love gymnastics as much as I do!


Hey welcome to chalkbucket :). That sounds like quite a bit of dedication there...driving 70 miles and starting ur own family gym! Hopefully you can stay involved and keep learning new skills! Do you compete?
Apr 26, 2008
Welcome! Hey that's awesome having your own gym, even if it is small :) That would be a total dream to me :) Good luck with the new skills and let us know how they go. I learned a back handspring back tuck connection on beam like 2 months ago and it was a huge deal for me because I'd been wanting to do it without a spot for quite some time...there's nothing better than finally reaching a goal. :)
Mar 14, 2007
Hello there! :)
Wow, that`s an amazing story about how your family got an own gym! :) Even if it could not be as great as some gyms out there I am sure it`s still a huge advantage and was well worth the investment. It was a huge distance you had to drive for training before that and certainly takes a lot of dedication to still go to the gym anyway. :)
This alone tells how passionate you are. :)


I am new here and I am not a gymnast but a gymnastics fan. I love watching gymnastics and can't wait to watch the summer olympics.


what gym do you work/train at now? that is awesome that 3 of their level 10's made nationals!!
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