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A thread about highest scores was posted on the gymnast forum and I thought I'd start one here so us parents can chime in. Gives everybody a chance to brag a bit. :D So, what's everyone's highest score? What level and what event? Highest all around? Anybody post a perfect 10?
Feb 26, 2007
Ooh H, I knew you'd join in. Great scores by the way.

Tell Rayna to have a great time at Provincials.


hehehe... okay, I'll amend. For you Canadians (or anyone with a different scoring system from the "perfect 10")... what 's your highest score out of how many points possible. :-D

CanadianGymMom- 12.1 out of 12.6 is amazing!!! Even if I have no idea what it means, that's awfully close to perfect. :) What is the 47.15 out of?
Thanks Shawn. The 47.15 is out of 50.4. 12.6 per event times 4 events.

The way the scores work in Ontario is as follows, a score is give out of 10 for execution and another score is given for difficulty. If all required elements are included, you'll have a full 12.6 start value. (for level 5, level 6 is 12.8 and I have no clue about the higher levels) You end score is 12.6 minus deductions for execution or missing elements.

And W, Thanks for the well wishes. Rayna's pumped, although I think she's AS excited about staying in a hotel as competing:)
Jul 12, 2007
No scores for us low or high yet... :p STILL not competeing LOL! BUT just wanted to chime in that I think USAG jo needs to start using the FIG scoring system as well - too many perfect 10's in Texas! (its a joke, sort of) .

Good luck to Rayna at provincials! Bog your dd's comps are over? n


Oohhhhh.... I get it! The Canadian system is like the FIG system used by Elites. I understand now. Thanks for the lesson. :)

We're doing AAU until Level 5 but it still uses the "10" scoring system. I like that better simply because I can understand it. But, I do know that the FIG system is more "accurate."

Anyway, my DD just finished competing level 2 so there's not a lot of scores to choose from (she's had seven meets). But here's how she's done so far:

Vault- 9.425
Floor- 9.500
Beam- 9.500
Bars- 9.700
All-Around- 37.775
Feb 26, 2007
Bog your dd's comps are over? n[/quote]

Yes, they just have one fun team meet on the 10th, and T will not have to vault luckily for her ankles!!! Moving on to all the fun stuff now.

And W, Thanks for the well wishes. Rayna's pumped, although I think she's AS excited about staying in a hotel as competing:)

Tell Rayna that we love the hotels more than the meets too, gotta love a pool! We are off to watch some of our scolaire gymnasts at their provincials this Friday, we'll be in a hotel too. Yay!

In Quebec the provincial level scores are very open ended, the score is all based on the skills you have and if you also have any bonus skills. Also the execution is scored out of 10. But we also have our scolaire system which also uses the FIG scoring, but it is different again to our provincial system. SO much to learn! I agree with Nic, it is time for the US to get in line with the rest of the world in scoring, in this Olympic year it would be good if gymnasts could understand the scoring they will see on tv.
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I have started trying to teach DD about those scores. A lot of the networks will break down the score when they show it on the screen. They'll show the difficulty, the execution and the total scores. That's helpful because I can then point out the execution score as the "10" that my DD is used to and explain that the difficulty score is based on how hard the routines/ tricks are.


Proud Parent
May 21, 2008
Here it is by event for L5

9.425 on Floor
9.3 on beam
9.125 on Vault
8.0 on Bars

As you can tell my dd struggles on bars. She came a long way during the season. Her first meet she got a 6.1 on bars.
These are USGA out of 10


My dd highest scores are:

bars 9.25
beam 9.1
floor 9.1
vault 9.55


Jun 24, 2008
Vault- 9.15/10 SV (L8... deduction-wise, 8.825/9.5 SV, L9)
Bars- 9.325/10 SV (L8)
Beam- 9.125/10 SV (L9)
Floor- 9.25/10 SV (L9)

When I was a compulsory, you could win state with a low 9 (and L4s had kips, cartwheels on beam, FHS on floor, and a FHS vault, so scores were much lower in that level). Times have changed!
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Jul 21, 2007
We are in the UK, and my sis has competed under many different scoring systems!
The least deductions I can remember her getting was a 6.0 out of 6.4 in level 5 bars (YouTube - Level 5 Gymnastics). That isn't the routine that went 6.0, but the same moves. This routine actually placed her 4th out of about 45, and the 3 above her had kips.
Her friend once hit a 6.4 vault (out of 6.4). Haven't got a clue why everything was scored out of 6.4!
Under the new open-ended code, she was scored:
Vault- 11.4 (13.0 SV)
Bars- 11.1
Beam- 10.3 (wih a fall, but ended as county champion)
Floor- 11.3

AA- 41.9

I think those are right!


Truthfully - I'm not 100% sure - I know it was level 4- but can't remember the exact numbers. She pretty much always got 9's on everything as a level 4 - if only everything stayed so simple, lol. At level 4 she almost always placed 1st on bars and now it is what she struggles on the most :confused:. Level 5 sucked - level 6 she did pretty good. Hopefully she kicks butt as a 7.


8.95....she'd do fine during practices but shake like a leaf during meets!!


Jan 31, 2008
Region 5
I am a floor coach so I thought I would list my highest scores at each level.


Still waiting for my first 10, lol.


My dd's highest scores for Level 4:

Vault: 9.125
Bars: 8.45 (took forever to get her front hip circle)
Beam: 8.40 (she always had beautiful routines but either fell or ran over time)
Floor: 8.2 (no ROBHS)

Her highest AA score was a 33.65. The highest she ever placed was 2nd at her first meet, on bars, with a score of 8.00. Her 9.125 on vault got her 9th place! That was a very tough meet for all our girls.

Not the highest scores but she held her own. Being the youngest on the team I think she did a great job. :)
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