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Jun 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
We've FINALLY gotten to holidays (believe me, training 5 days for 10 weeks is draining), and I've had enough rest now that I'm itching to get back into the gym. I get to go to holiday training 3x in the next two weeks, which is enough (it is really important to let my body rest).

However, I'm ready to work really hard on my conditioning, seeing as I've got a great chunk of free time to be sore and not have to worry about how on earth I'll survive training :D

So, I'd love some coaches to get all creative on me and devise me a strength plan (if you wish). I'm motivated enough to do my own strength; I'm just so much better at challenging myself when my coach has set a hard amount of strength. I'd really love to improve my overall strength and endurance, and work on my handstand holds.

Here's what I did last night, all in succession (I had a lot of energy at the time):
1) guts (x20)
up and turn
box knees

2) back (2x30)
fish flops
arch holds

3) guts (x20)
box knees
L ups

4) arms (2x20):
pushups 3 ways (in, out, wide)

5) guts (x20)
crunches 3 ways
Vsnaps T

6) core (2x30s):
Vsnaps P, 10 for 10 (10 Vsnaps/10s dish hold) 3x10
swiss ball: FWD + BWD support

7) ballet/leg strength (3x20)
squats (normal, turn out, normal, all flat feet)
calf rises (normal, turn out, normal)
theraband pointe work (normal, hold on 2/off 2, hold 5) 75% resistance

8) Swiss ball:
guns 2 x 10
squats 2 x 15

9) HS hold 2 x 30s.

I was shaking a bit after that :D 10 minutes of stretching was a nice finish!
Not open for further replies.