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Feb 26, 2007

is that your club?

I was interested and made a phone call about your hours and you seem to be fibbing a little bit :)

Lasswade should get a job writing for childrens story hour, she has an incredible imagination.:D

Joking aside, I just think that she is very young and let her dreams get caught up in her reality. The problem with the internet is that it is very hard to lie and not get found out. Perhaps when us old ones were as young as she, we did not have places like this to let our fantasies run wild.

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007

Hi All!

I just found this site and forum and thought that I'd share my dd's hours.

She's training Level 7 and starting July 2nd, she will be going 20 hrs a week. This will be for the summer and also once the school yr starts, she will continue with the 20hrs a week.

I do know that our gym max's out at 20hrs a week, so Level 7-10 go 20hrs. Our Elites go at least 20hrs, but they might do some additional hours on top of that.

At Level 6 during the school yr, dd did 14hrs a week.


Our gym hours seem to be right about where Coach L's are. Level 4s go 12 hours a week, 5s go 16 hours, 6/7s go 16-20, and 8/9/10s go 24 hours. My daughter is 5 and a new Level 4 - she has just started her summer hours. I stayed and watched yesterday and though they are in the gym for 4 hours at a time, there are breaks and the kids have fun with each other and with the coaches in between training hard. I can see why my daughter likes it. She gets to see her friends and learn new skills. She seems to have plenty of time on off days to enjoy regular kid summer activities. I know the coaches want the kids coming regularly but they are not opposed to occasional days off and we plan to take several including a week's vacation. All in all, I hope that there is a good balance between gymnastics and other summer vacation activities.


My daughter is 7 and will be competing level 5 this year...she trains 14 hours a week. We live in Tennessee. USA
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