How many square feet?

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Proud Parent
Sep 23, 2009
Question for coaches and gym owners (and gymnasts and parents if you know the answer.) Sorry if this question has been asked (if it has been asked, I didn't find it!)

What size is your gym building? (particularly the gym area, but total building square footage is fine too.) Do you like the size of your gym or could it be bigger or smaller? I appreciate your help!
15,000 sq. ft. with 12,500 of that being gym space.

If you gave me a 100,000 sq. ft. gym I would want it bigger! It's all about cost.
We are a small startup. We will have 4000 to start and then another 1000 or so after a few months. We already know we want much more. However, rent for a 5k building costs a ton as it is.
Not open for further replies.