I've been selected for the Commonwealth Games!

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Congratulations!!! The Commonwealth Games are important here in New Zealand too! Some of the men from our gym have been selected for the New Zealand team.
Wow - brilliant Lolly! Excellent news.

I am new on CB but being from UK too, I told my daughter who was very excited as she met you once(!) in a fun competition in France (Europace).

We are enjoying following your brilliant progress :)
Thank you so much everybody! It means so much that even one person enjoys watching my routines let alone so many of you!
I am so excited for the Commonwealths! They are such a huge deal and it feels amazing to have been selected! I have never been to India before and can't wait to visit a new country. I really hope all of your children who are in gymnastics or you if you are keep on loving gymnastics because of all the amazing opportunities it can give you!
And happyfacetwin I'd be overjoyed if I came anywhere near Lauren Mitchell! Her floor routine is one of my favourites! I saw her at Worlds last year and she was incredible!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!:D Thanks for being a part of our CB community & sharing this VERY exciting news with us!!! You are an AWESOME gymnast!!! Wishing you GOOD LUCK!!! Remember you have all of CB cheering you on:D!
Congratulations Laura !!!!! You are Indeed an amazing gymnast. I was able to.watch your floor routine and I just love it.

Cannot wait to hear about your experience at the games. I will be cheering for you
That is so amazing Laura. A great big congrats to you. Im still pretty new to all this and i dont know much about it, esp the elite side of it. But it sounds like it is an once in a life time kind of thing. Im sure you have earned it.

I have heard of the CWG before. (cant say i remember where though..lol) Are they world wide? I guess what im getting at is, will this be aired here in the states? So as, i can point at "our Miss Laura" and say..I know her..(well sorta..lol)
The CWG, is the CommonWealth Games. Commonwealth Games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In the counrties of the commonwealth it is the second best thing to the Olympics and it is a huge deal to be selected. I know of one England gymnast that turned down the WOrlds meet to go to the CWG!! IN fact the ENgland squad is so strong for both Worlds and the CWG that people are really beginning to talk about GB's strength and great depth.

I doubt it will be aired in the states, but there is a good chance that there will be online coverage in the UK. I will post if we can see it. Otherwise their will be vids on youtube within a day of the meet.

We can be FlippingLolly's cheersquad from all our different countries!
Amazing job! Congrats on such a wonderful competition.

Your Floor routine is beautiful, and your personality really shines through.

Good luck that the Commonwealth Games! I will be rooting for you!
WOW! Is all I can say!! You are so amazing, beautiful lines, nice toe point, leaps and jumps are awesome. I could go on and on :) It must feel amazing to be selceted to go to the games!!! You are such a big insperation. We are so lucky to have you here on the CB!

I just saw your beam, and your mount is sooooo amazing,incredible,awesome!
...happyfacetwin I'd be overjoyed if I came anywhere near Lauren Mitchell! Her floor routine is one of my favourites! ...
I just watched your floor and you are so similar to Lauren - you both throw in the most amazing leaps on the end of amazing tumbling passes. :eek:
Sounds like you are one incredible Gymnast! Congratulations thats amazing! :) Hope you do great at the commonwealth games and hopefully score a few places (sounds like you will.) Keep us posted on how you go. I was actually just looking at your photos on here. You are one beautiful and powerful gymnast. :)
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