Late meet when to eat??

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Proud Parent
Feb 13, 2015
Little LDW has a late report time coming up 6:30 pm warm up. Close to home. I am sure the earliest we will be done is 9:30 if lucky. Clearly won't be having dinner then

We have never had such a late report time. Any advice on when to get some dinner into her?
I was thinking 4-ish she is not normally much of a snacker at meets though.


Proud Parent
Sep 27, 2014
I'd try for normal lunch, then about 4.30ish a snack like a salad sandwich with protein , then at 6 I'd try her with a banana/nuts/ granola bar- needs to be a concentrated slow release source of energy that isn't too bulky.

Good luck- we had a similar situation recently with a 12 o'clock start.
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Proud Parent
Apr 16, 2015
I agree with auswi. We've had a range of meeting times for competition, but the later in the day, the more difficult it is to keep them fuelled up. I would go for a big breakfast - carbohydrates and protein, like eggs on toast, and a decent lunch, again carbs and protein, with a late snack. My daughter wouldn't be keen on a sandwich in the afternoon as she would be starting to get in the zone, but I've found corn or rice thins with avocado pretty tempting. I'd then have something to eat after the competition, even though it will be late, but the size would depend on whether they have training the next day and at what time.
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Numpty Watcher
Proud Parent
Aug 28, 2011
I would do a proper tea in the afternoon with complex carbs for slow release energy, maybe pasta, but then we often have to eat at that time for evening training as mine starts at 5pm
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Proud Parent
Mar 11, 2014
I'd try for normal lunch, then about 4.30ish a snack like a salad sandwich with protein , then at 6 I'd try her with a banana/nuts/ granola bar- needs to be a concentrated slow release source of energy that isn't too bulky.
I feel like we often miss a meal with any meets that aren't morning meets, either lunch ro dinner is missed, so i work to make the other meals timed such that the child has eaten enough tog et through.

I'd do something like this, but if she like smoothies I'd do that at 6. So maybe this: Lunch chicken and veggie pasta, 4:30 (sandwich chicken salad, or tuna salad or pb &J.), 6pm smoothie (can be consumed in the car depending on the distance to the meet. Afterwards go out for ice cream, or pie and ice cream.

Or you could shift the schedule that day, esp if she will sleep in, then do a big brunch meal, pancakes sausage, fruit, eggs. Then do a lunchish dinner at 4:30, again pasta would be good or sandwiches if she prefers that. Still do snack (bagel and cream cheese) or smoothie on the way to the meet.


Proud Parent
Sep 29, 2010
Honestly, I just let my daughter eat what she wants when she wants on meet days. She's 15 but this has always been our strategy! On late check in days, she'll eat breakfast when she wakes up, lunch at some point and then on the way to the meet, will eat fruit and a bagel with cream cheese. It has always worked for her (and she's level 9 now so I guess she's doing something right) Oh and no matter what time the meet is over, she eats after!! She's definitely hungry then! Most often the entire team will stop for dinner at the closest place to the meet venue!! Also, I usually put some crackers and a granola bar in her gym bag so she can snack while waiting for awards.
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Feb 26, 2007
I always packed a cooler with all kinds of good and easy to eat foods, so they could eat whenever they were hungry.


Proud Parent
Apr 19, 2012
Bad mum? But my kids just eat as normal, and if a comp is over an eating time then I try to get them to eat more before, talk there coaches into allowing a snack during (lol I don't think they have ever actually conveyed that) and then dinner after, with different age and activities and times they seem pretty good at late/odd metabolising.
Just make sure she has a filling meal or snack prior. If she isn't able to eat before then make sure the earlier meal is better. with whatever snack she can handle - smoothie , yoghurt, cereal, toast, fruit, crackers.
Its really up to how your child likes to eat, but make sure she doesn't go to bed hungry or she is likely to wake on the night hungry!


Proud Parent
Feb 21, 2015
My kid eats during the meet too...usually it is a cheese stick or triscuits...something like that. She needs to eat. I pack a ton of options, because there always seems to be a backup in events somewhere...
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