Coaches Level 8 tumbling passes

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Nov 14, 2013
Im thinking about swapping out one pass for another and need advice:

Current 2 tumbling passes in routine:
1st pass:Roundoff, flip flop, full
2nd pass: front pike, front tuck
(The 2nd pass is clean but the front tuck finishes a little low)

Routine scores normally around a 9.0
Its a short clean routine.

Thinking of switching her front tumbling pass (2nd pass) to: front tuck step-out, roundoff, flip flop, back tuck. (Back tuck is quite higher than her front tuck in other pass.)

Would this be a better choice though she would not have a true front tumbling pass? I personally like seeing both front and back tumbling in a routine but looking for whats best to improve her score in the area of her tumbling.

Is there a requirement like level 7 to do a front tumbling pass? Or a deduction it would fall under?

It would mean one B tumbling skill ( back full) rather than two B's. She does have three other B's in her dance.

Any thoughts?
It fulfills all special requirements for level 8 and wouldn't have any compositional deductions.

As far as the look goes--a good front through is better then a low front front any day in my opinion but that's up to you.
The back tuck is high and nice kick out. The front lands standing up but doesn't extend before landing. We have a low key meet this weekend so we'll try it;)
Thanks for the reply and vote of confidence to try it out!
I'm not certain this is a good idea for everyone because it's a potential acl deathtrap for kids with mediocre landing technique. Maybe somebody else who's been there and done that can offer an opinion.

With that warning, here's the thought......

From what you've said it sounds like she has a pretty decent front tuck that travels enough to provide momentum into a robhs-tuck. You could try reversing the front pike and front tuck to give her an easier salto that travels with enough energy to make the next skill (front pike) easier to do.
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Her front pike, front tuck pass looked better tonight! So we are keeping it this weekend. We will give the reverse thing a try next week in practise!
Her front pike, front tuck pass looked better tonight! So we are keeping it this weekend. We will give the reverse thing a try next week in practise!
You should wait to see if anyone has some words of wisdom or caution. This isn't a new concept, but a tuck bounder to pike is a little out of he mainstream and there weren't enough people working their kids on bounders back in the good old days to get a community worth of feedback.

That, or encourage more distance in the front pike..... lower and longer.... to keep it moving. The judges will remember the second salto and forget the first one as long as the second looks decent.
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With your new proposed routine, I would probably take 0.05 in balance, for only one B tumbling element and 3 B dance elements. However, that's such a minimal compositional issue that it may well be less than she is losing in execution.
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