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Should I compete Xcel Silver at the next meet?

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Hey! I am in Xcel Bronze right now. I have got consistent high nines all season. I have all of the skills I need for Silver and even a gold skill on beam. I have only been in gymnastics since September this year, but my coaches say I can compete Silver at the next competition. My average all around score is 37 so I think I’d do pretty well competing at the next level but I’m not sure what to do. I want to compete up to my full potential and I think I’m ready but most of my friends are in Bronze and I might not get as good of scores. Advice?
I had a similar experience. I was on pre team and moved up to bronze. i competed a meet and had a 37.35 all around. Then, my gym had an in house meet and I was moved up to silver at that meet and I scored and did good, so I competed in silver for the rest of the season
My daughter went up a level mid-season last year. It had advantages and disadvantages. She would have been really bored at her old level and I am not sure if she would have enjoyed her gymnastics as much as she is doing now. The switch to the new level was not easy though, she essentially had two weeks to learn four new routines and it showed. She just didn't have the time to make everything look as polished as she would have liked and went from a high scorer to an average/low scorer. That definitely took some mental effort to adjust to. It was also quite hard work to fit into the new group. Those girls had already been together for a long time and becoming part of the new team was not easy. She also missed her friends from the old group. Now that she has been part of her new team for a year, she is definitely enjoying being challenged by the new skills she is learning. She has had much more time to prepare her routines and is back to being a confident gymnast who scores well. Was it worth it? According to her, definitely. Will it be worth it for you? I cannot answer that of course. You may, like my daughter, find it difficult at first, but eventually you will find your place in the new team, make new friends, learn new skills and have even more fun than before