Long Sleeved Comp. Leos

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Does anyone know where you can get long sleeved competition leos for cheap? Not like gk or alpha factor.... My friend needs one for Friday for our hs state meet. (and she just needs one) So if anyone knows that would be great!:)
Try contacting some of the clubs in the area to see if they have any cheap used leos for sale.
pretty bad timing... kind of short notice. But yes, I'd recommend ebay - maybe contact the seller to make sure it arrives on time. Otherwise - the gk outlet maybe?
Ya I know it's kind of short notice, we all really forgot about it until sectionals last Friday. I told her ebay already, because one of my other friends got one of hers off of that. I'll make sure to tell her about the sales pages on the gk and alpha factors site. Worst case I'm going to let her borrow one of my new ones I got this year just for state. (I didn't make it though... so I don't get to use it:() thanks everyone.
Not open for further replies.