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There is a new sneak pick of Make it Or Break it (sorry if someone has already posted this I didn't see a super recent post). I'm really upset about what they are portraying gymnastics as. First of all the girls do not look anything like gymnasts, and even running they look... odd... haha. Atleast in stick it they had the girls work out and the main girl had a six pack. Second they try to portray gymnastics in such a bad light. Sure we have struggles, my they don't put anything about what we learn from those experiences. The other day I heard girls talking about why they would never put their kids in gymnastics. The gymnast was trying to explain why it was so important and how much it has taught her, but it seemed she couldn't it describe it well. Media has just portrayed gymnastics so badly.

And dating with gymnastics.. that'll be intersesting. hahaha. they say no dating in the preview, but i mean some girls who aren't in gymnastics have restrictions too. why is no dating so bad just because the girl is in gymnastics?

YouTube - Make It or Break It - New Series!
wow! it looks great!!
do you reccon it'll air in Australia? proably not. Maybe some totally AWESOME person will post it on youtube.
I do agree that it might make gymnasts look bad. there are so many boys in my class that think gymnastics is a poofter sport! (they haven't done the gymnastics in PE thing yet.. HAHA they have it coming)


I'll probably end up watching it just to see how it is.
I did have to laugh when you see one of the girls vaulting and how she hits the spring board... haha :)
May 16, 2009
Is there anything bad in this movie? Bad words, lots of fighting, lots of stuff with boys in it? I am hoping to suggest it to watch with my familym BUT I am not sure that it is good. Thanks in advance.


It's suppose to be on ABC family so it should be family appropriate. I agree that the actors look nothing like gymnasts. I think the only time they will look like gymnasts is when they're competing which is due to them having stunt doubles that are actual gymnasts.


Dec 21, 2008
How does she hit the springboard? ( didn't pay attention, and have no desire to watch the preview again lol)

Ok, I subjected myself to it again. I thought only beginners hit the board like that? ( I am a beginner, only six months in with actual training, and I don't even hit the board like that-or at least to that degree). I wonder if someone tampered with the board, and that is what happened?
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Jan 9, 2009
If you're referring to when she hits it really hard flat-footed, I think it was meant to be an intentional screw-up. Not sure, though. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!


I really want to see that show im excited for when it airs
Feb 8, 2008
I'm thinking that they hit the spring board with bent legs because they took a shot of someone just hitting the board and doing a straight jump off or something.

And I'm kinda wondering what playground they find a girl doing high level gymnastics on. Nadia could do cartwheels and back handsprings when they found her, but I'm pretty sure that these days, or at my elementary school at least. there are so many rules and as soon as someone started cartwheeling there would be a no-gymnastics rule within a week.


Dec 21, 2008
I didn't know nadia commenici was found on a playground! Check out the ten minute preview if you missed it, apparently the settings were wrong on the vault....
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