OT Mean coach? Or just pushy?

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Hey guys! So I have a coach who’s kinda mean. I try my best at practice and I think my form is pretty good. I got too much power on certain tumbling, my lines are really good though. I just feel like no matter how hard I try she doesn’t notice. It sometimes seems like all I get is criticism. I contradict myself tho, by saying she is really nice and kind. Whenever I’m injured or like having a hard time or something she goes from a drill sergeant to a nurse. I love my coaches, but sometimes they make gymnastics less fun. Plz tell me how to explain that I feel constantly criticized.
Oftentimes when a coach is like this it means they care. They are pushing you because they see potential in you. Try to remember that, and if it feels like they're treating you to roughly, have a conversation with your coach about it.