MENTAL BLOCKS In Skills forum

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gym monkeys mom

Proud Parent
Oct 3, 2007
Gymomma I am answering this here because I can't post in the coaches forum. There are some really good posts about giants and mental blocks. My DD went through the same thing this summer. Look up some of the previous posts about this. We got some really good advice. Also a web site with some reaally good articles is They have all kinds of products but, they also have article to read for free. The bottom line for us was DD really neede to own the skill and not be forced to do it. Her coach is really patient and has had previous kids with the same issue on events as he coaches optionals. What he did for her was start at the beginin again and this time she needed to really own or want the skill and it has worked her giants are coing along nicely and she is excited about them. The most important thing I believe is to be positvie and retrain the dialogue in there head. It happens to lots of kids at this age (10-14). Best wishes
Not open for further replies.