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Dec 8, 2009
Question for the coaches out there...

Do you take any time to go over how the kids performed at their meets at monday's practice? The reason I ask is our coaches never even mention the weekend meet to the kids. Nothing good, nothing bad. It's just business as usual on Monday afternoon. Is this typical practice? Should somebody be braking down my child's performance to her? Or is the idea to always look ahead and not behind??

Gym Dad Radio Guy
Feb 26, 2007
They do not do this at our gym either. The first practice after a meet is usually a fun one where they get to do uptraining and silly stuff. The kids love it as it is such a tension release after the meet.

If the coaches need to correct they will do it during regular training and not pick apart each child and routine publicly. CAn't fix what you did, you can only try to fix what you will do.


Aug 29, 2007
Speaking for myself. My co-coaches and myself usually will talk about how the girls did at their meet, either during breaks in between sessions, on the way home (if we carpool), or on the phone sometime the next day. On the Monday after, we usually congratulate the girls, and have a fun day. The following practice we will go over things that need to be worked on. We usually will talk to the girls individually if needed. But usually by then the girls already know what they need to work on, since we probably have already been drilling into them for a while anyway. Sometimes it just takes 1 bad meet for them to realize the coach is always right:)


Jul 5, 2007
I don't really stress it much about the meet. More we tell them what is overall lacking. They may have made an uncharacteristic mistake. There's no point harping on it. I focus on the things like "tap swings need to be up to here, if you are not doing this you are getting deductions." But I kind of break that down as we go, not sit down and rehash everything. To some extent I don't have time to individually conference with each kid and I don't want to single them out. "Big" mistakes, they all pretty much have the idea of what went wrong. For example if they fell or left something out. Again I think it is not necessary to harp on this. Smaller mistakes, to laundry list them all at once would probably be less effective than more punctuated reminders. That's just my philosophy.


Proud Parent
Dec 9, 2008
At my gym, the HC sits down with the girls and announces meet scores and the girls have a chance to congratulate each other. Then its business as usual.

Optionals United

Dec 23, 2009
Region 1
usally we have a fun day and go over the meet. you usally learn wat you did wrong at the meet but they will remind us and tell us extra if needed


Dec 7, 2009
New England
We all sit down in a circle at the beginning of practice and the girls have to each say something they could have improved on and something they were proud of. That way it gets them thinking about it instead of a coach just telling them something they may have already heard a million times. Sometimes I let them say one other thing too- a story that happened or whatever they want. It also cuts down on the excitement and talking about it to other levels.
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