more luck for Onario Cup

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OK, have been crazy busy for a while but DD IS training all 4 events these days and will compete all 4 tomorrow at Ontario Cup in a bis to make it to the next round. Big toenail is still hanging on there...ick, it was almost off last Sunday amidst much screaming & crying.. wish us luck... best of luck to all competing this weekend!
Feb 16, 2009
ON, Canada
Goood luck tomorrow!! Your gym looked great last weekend and I'm sure your daughter will carry that on tomorrow! I know she has a HUGE group, but numbers and rankings don't mean anything. I hope she has a great day!


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
Good luck to DD tomorrow!!!! Sending the "competing all 4 event fairies" up to you!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes:)!!!
Feb 26, 2007
Good to her for the Cup. I am sure she will do great on all 4, she must be so happy to be competing again.


Thank You, all. unfortunately a wobble on beam made the difference for her... truthfully I'm OK with not having to spend a weekend in Windsor during tax time...:)

One more (fun) meet this year at our home club, so the season can go out with a bang and some new skills
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