WAG Moving from straddle cast hand stand to piked

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Aug 5, 2013
dd is almost 13 and close to done growing at about 4'9". Had initially done piked chs when she learned them at 9 but switched to straddle for a couple years. Took a bunch of time off gym and more days than not now seems happy to be back. New coach much more experienced than she's had before came in as she was trying to get chs/Giants/free hip to handstand back, etc. she's now decided she wants her pike chs back. Hits handstand fairly often and gianting out of it on real bar with minimal spot.

How often is this done and what's brnefit? She'll certainly never be so tall she'll have to straddle and if it generates more power great.

Honestly I'm just thrilled she's trying to progress again - although she's also trying to get her toe on and she's never managed a footie, but wants a release move rather than half pirouette for level 8. Maybe she's just picking the hard stuff!!?
Not open for further replies.