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  1. G

    WAG xcel platinum vault

    what is the difference between a 1/4 on 1/4 and a 1/2 on 1/2 off?? i feel like they are so similar yet they give different start values so how do i know i’m actually doing the 1/2 on 1/2 off correctly??
  2. G

    Gymnasts Clear hip tips!! Xcel Platinum

    Hi, could i get some tips for platinum bars? I am working on clear hips and I am doing everything decently (at least i think) except i always have to tap my feet coming out of it to connect my kip. I have no clue how to fix it!! I can sometimes not tap my feet but only when my coach spots the...
  3. G

    Gymnasts xcel platinum

    hi! so i competed gold for 2 years in a row-i was trying to do platinum last year but i got so overwhelmed with the jump that i psyched myself out and could never do half the skills. here is what i’m doing all the time in practice now, do you think i’ll be able to do platinum this year? Vault...
  4. pandaamiko

    Gymnasts Xcel platinum vault

    What vaults are available for xcel platinum? Some girls can technically flip tsuks and possibly yurchenkos but that’s apparently not aloud right? We are working on front handspring and full twist.
  5. G

    WAG Xcel Platinum

    Could you please let me know if these routines meet the requirements for xcel platinum and if not could you let me know what the start value would be! Vault: 1/4 on 1/4 off OR COULD SHE DO TSUK ENTRY ONTO MAT STACK? (like the level 6/7 vault) Bars: Kip cast back hip circle, squat on, toe...
  6. B

    WAG What are the Xcel Platinum Bars Requirements???

    So last season I competed Gold for a second time, and I'm pretty hopeful that I will be able to go to Platinum this year. I'm pretty close to having all my skills, most of my newer skills that I got for Platinum do need to be cleaned up a little, but I can do them pretty decently, I think. I...
  7. A

    Anon Xcel gold to Xcel platinum struggle?

    Do you feel that there is a big jump in scoring requirements from xcel gold to xcel platinum? If one struggled with the jump from silver to gold but then scored well when repeating gold, would you expect a similar struggle when moving from gold to platinum?
  8. D

    WAG L8 to Xcel Platinum I think, maybe???

    Not ready to spill details but we may need a gym change. Suffice to say there have been changes that don’t work for us at this time. My kid is a L8/9. She will be a senior next year. Had her coaching situation been different this year, she likely could have competed 9. What’s done is done. She...
  9. K

    WAG xcel platinum vault sv question

    DD is barely making plat. Since 1/2 on 1/2 off SV changed, what's a front handspring or half on's SV for the 22-23 season? Thanks.
  10. N

    WAG Xcel Platinum routines

    Do these routines fit XP requirements? Vault- Half on-half off Bars- Kip cast free hip kip squat on jump to high bar kip baby giant flyaway Beam- Full turn, Cartwheel cartwheel split leap-tuck half jump front tuck dismount (+dance) Floor- Round off back handspring back tuck or front...
  11. N

    Parents Beam bhs requirement for Xcel Platinum

    Hi there. My daughter is an Xcel Gold gymnast (14 yrs old) who is looking to move up to platinum this season. She has almost every requirement she needs except a front salto pass on floor. However, one of her coaches is requiring that the current XG girls have a bhs on beam to move up to...
  12. M

    WAG Xcel Platinum Beam

    Hi all! I was wondering if a handstand handstand on beam would be considered a valid connection on beam!
  13. E

    WAG Xcel Platinum

    Can a front layout be in a floor routine at Platinum level?
  14. C

    Coaches Xcel Platinum Bar Routine

    Hi everyone, There are a couple current xcel gold gymnasts who I want to move to platinum for next season. One of my girls is super nervous about moving up because she doesn't feel prepared on bars. I'm looking to find some feasible routine ideas for her. On bars, she currently competes...
  15. stxrdusty

    Coaches Xcel Platinum Vault: What is the "correct" twisting direction for a 1/4 on, 1/4 off and other related questions

    Hi fellow coaches, this is my first full year coaching Xcel and I have some questions about teaching twisting vaults for Xcel Platinum and Diamond. The other coaches at my gym don't have experience coaching these vaults either, so I've come here looking for some more information at the very...
  16. K

    WAG Xcel Platinum Beam Series

    I am an adult competitive gymnast competing xcel platinum. Normally I compete BWO-BWO, but my lower back has been having some issues. I tried switching to HS-BWO but I am very inconsistent landing the HS square enough to connect (don't even get me started on cartwheels). I was wondering, could I...
  17. A

    WAG Question about vault table height for Xcel Platinum

    We are debating a whether or not to have my daughter compete Xcel Platinum vs. a second season of JO Level 6 (or maybe 7, but unlikely at this point). Does anyone know if there is a minimum height requirement for the vault table for Xcel Platinum? She likes to vault on a low setting. I don't...
  18. Hana

    WAG Xcel Platinum Vault

    Hi, I am hoping to compete platinum next season, but I'm not sure what to do for vault. I can do a front handspring but it's not that great. Any suggestions of other vaults with a 10.0 start value for platinum?
  19. H

    WAG Xcel Platinum Tumbling

    My goal is to move to Xcel Platinum (after 3 years of Gold) next year, and I've looked over the requirements a lot. I'm confident that I understand all of them except for the floor requirements. I know you need a switch leap and obviously a turn, but for tumbling, what I'm reading says you only...
  20. cjfparent

    Parents Xcel Platinum Beam requirement

    My daughter is competing Platinum this year. She had a beam routine for level 6 but due to injury is doing Platinum instead. Will her beam meet platinum requirements? Regular mount Full turn Split jump- straight jump Bwo-bwo Back tuck dismount I know she needs a B skill - since she’s...

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