Nashville Gyms?

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We may be headed in that direction before long. Any suggestions? I would like to find one with a decent optional team.


Jan 18, 2009
Clarksville Elite in Clarksville, TN has a pretty good optional program. I think it might be a little on the smaller side, at least the upper level teams, I'm not totally certain though,
Let It Shine in Franklin, TN is a really good gym, I think they have a good sized optional team as well.
Intrigue Athletics in Lebanon, TN has some really great, I think pretty universally adored coaches. Not sure about the current size of their team, but it's worth a look.
I can't really provide you with any more details than that though, but hopefully those names are of some help.
The Tennessee Gymnastics community, from what I have seen, seems really great with lots of friendships and support among different teams. Best wishes!


Thank you for your reply. I was starting to get nervous when I didn't see any response at first. Do you know anything about Gaby's? I sat beside a parent from Gaby's a few years ago. She said she loved the gym but they had a "unique" coaching style that took some getting used to. I was curious at the time about what she meant, but she didn't volunteer the information so i didn't ask. Now I wish I had.
This whole process makes me queasy - the worst is i haven't mentioned anything to my DD yet.
Thanks again.
Not open for further replies.