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Sep 30, 2022
I'm currently an Xcel Gold, though I could probably compete Platinum bars and vault if I wanted to. If I were able to learn to flip my vault before my Junior year of high school would there be a shot of making NCAA? I'm pretty confident I could learn a Tsuk. I currently do a Tsuk entry...every single time I do it into the pit I land on my back. My coach is teaching me half-on half-off to try and use some of my power. As of right now, I vault at 110 with 5-6 springs. I'm 14, will be 15 in April. I doubt I'd be able to compete anything else NCAA because I know I'd need a release on bars...not sure I'll ever have that, I don't back tumble on floor, and barely can compete beam at my current level. Is there any chance of going NCAA D3 for vault? It would be a dream come true even though I'm fully aware that it is probably entirely unrealistic.
is it possible to compete college gymnastics for only one event? in that case, its my new (unrealistic but still) goal to compete NCAA floor in college.......
better get my aerial first XD
I don't know about your situation, but A Tsuk looks pretty hard so maybe if you could learn that you would be able to.

Also, wouldn't it be possible for you to compete floor there if you could front tumble?
I would look for a college that has club gymnastics as you chances to do college gymnastics D3 or above would be very small.

With your current skill set it would be a 0% chance.

No one here can say what a person may achieve in the future… anything is possible.

Work hard… good luck.

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