OT New poem. I wrote it.

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united team girl

Unknown heights

I wait and wait and there I go,
Jump out there but I start out slow.
Picking up speed
Hoping to take lead,
I go higher and higher
Feeling weightless
All eyes on me
Hoping to see
A winning smile,
While my life depends on this.
Nobody knows how I feel,
Making my way through the floor
Will I stick it or land short?
Almost done,
Here it comes
I feel my body sink,
But stand tall.
Smile, salute, wave,
These are the moments I crave

Plz tell me what u think. It came from the heart
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
that's a great poem! i wish i was creative enough to write poetry! Haha but i fail at it!
I get such low marks in the poetry unit for english.
But I loved that poem!! The last line totally ties everything together, and is so true!
Not open for further replies.