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gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Its on the usag site that Nastia has notified USAG and Martha that she has withdrawn from consideration for a place on the 2009 World team. She basically said she just needs a break and thought she could do "it all" with endorsements and training.

She stressed the 2012 Olympics are still a goal and she is just taking a much needed mental break and not retiring. She said she will be at the ranch to support all the girls at the selection camps.
I am gutted but on a selfish level as I really wanted to see her live in London!
However, she does deserve a break and it will be good to see who gets the spots now.

I can't wait for worlds but it's looking like a lot of the top gymnasts will be out with injury :-(
I was sad to hear that news too. But I am also glad to hear that she is really thinking about the process and has decided not to rush back into training and competing when she feels like she is not totally ready. That shows maturity, good planning, and that patience is necessary for longterm goals (2012).
I think she is a very smart lady. A very difficult, yet mature decision to make. If you read the whole article, she describes how she is a people-pleaser by nature, and that is was hard for her to break the news (and possibly disappoint) her coaches fans, etc. You really have to know yourself and what is best for you at that point, so I am confident that she is taking steps to take good care of herself. Can't wait to see her when she's back to full throttle! :D
I'm disappointed that we will not be seeing Nastia perform at World's, but even the best gymnasts need downtime.;)
Here is the article from Inside Gymnastics Magazine:

News | Inside Gymnastics Magazine

And here is the article from USAG:

:: USA Gymnastics ::

I liked this quote from Nastia in the USAG article:

"...being able to give some of the other girls such as my personal teammates Rebecca (Bross) and Ivana (Hong) an opportunity to compete at a World Championships. Because I have competed at so many different competitions and World Championships, that experience would be so much more important for them than it would be for me."

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Nastia does deserve a break but I would've much prefered if she had a break during the 4 months after the olympics.
I also agree that she is a very smart lady. She is the reigning Olympic AA Champion. She does not want to go to World's to do a mediocre performance. She is taking a break from competition, but not a break from training. I bet we'll see an amazing Nastia at Nationals next year.
BTW, we saw her a couple of weekends ago at a local shopping center, where she was doing an autograph signing.

The poor thing looked tired and somewhat discouraged. I just wanted to reach over the table and give her a hug & a pat on the back & say "it's ok!"

I think this whole decision to skip world's and the probable hype/drama surrounding it really took a lot out of her. I am not so sure I like how these gymnasts, after winning big like she did, have to immediately switch-over to a high-speed, celebrity lifestyle. Yes, they are used to working hard, but living at the gym w/ one major focus is a relatively protected and predictable environment/lifestyle. I don't like how they are thrust out there into a COMPLETELY different world than what they have been used to & living in for 10-15 years! There's my humble opnion. :eek:
I agree with you. They don't do gymnastics so they can be ultra-famous. They're dedicated and talented athletes with a passion for the sport. It would be so difficult to be thrust into that lifestyle.
well it is sad but nastia did great at the olympics and well she does need a break to do what she wants for a little
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