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Welcome to the NCAA/college gym section of the Chalk Bucket!!!! :)

Before posting please look through these guidelines, including informative links and requests about posts.

There are now posts "stickied" to the top of the NCAA section regarding:

-The difference between women's DI, DII and DIII programs
-What different divisions look for in their potential athletes
-What you need to know about getting a college scholarship

Please read these before making a post asking if as an ____ level gymnast at ____ age will you make ____ team or obtain a D___ scholarship. Most of those questions can be answered by reading this info! And reading is very important for college, so it's skill building too.

If you have a question about gymnasts on a certain school's team (how many L10s, how many elites, etc.) PLEASE GO TO THAT TEAM'S WEBSITE. Simply search ____ (school's name) women's gymnastics and their site should come up. From there you can search their roster and read the bios that the athletic office staff puts quite a bit of work into uploading.

Also, if you have a question about NCAA eligibility please try to first refer to the NCAA Eligibility Center at NCAA Eligibility Center or the NCAA Clearinghouse NCAA Eligibility Center Online An excellent potential student guide can be found here, We will try to answer questions the best we can, but no one determines eligibility and status except the NCAA and rules constantly change, so our experiences might not match what is current.

For NCAA club gym information, please look at this website NAIGC

Any posts blatantly disregarding this will be responded with a link to the appropriate section and then closed.

Thanks and enjoy the section!!!

-Bri (the NCAA mod)
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