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Talk About Meets!​

New for 2024 is the concept of "Meet Threads" here at ChalkBucket.

These threads will be in a specific forum that will allow you to add meets / invitationals to talk about. You can find the forum at the following link...

Search / Filter The Meets​

In this forum you will find a "filter" bar. This filter bar will allow you to find meets to talk about...


Add New Meets​

If you cannot find the meet that you are looking for... please add it by posting a new thread. A couple things to keep in mind about this forum...
  • There are special fields (see photos below) to fill out when you add the meet.
  • Once you post the meet... your name will be removed from it and it will be changed to user "ChalkBucket".
  • The first post of the thread is for meet information only. If you would like to comment / talk about the meet... do that in the 2nd post and beyond.
  • Regular meets will not be added each year as new meets... they will just be updated. We will figure out Championship meets (e.g. Nationals) as we go... they may be added each year.
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Have you been to Gasparilla? Are you going this season?​

Talk about the Gasparilla Classic below...

The meet discussion area is going to undergo and upgrade over the next couple of weeks to make it more functional.

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