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Oct 3, 2011
The Gym
We just got back from our first meet not last weekend, but the one before. I was battling a pesky foot injury, and it was starting to get better. Also, I had a big mental block, that I overcame.
Fast forward until last Tuesday, I got really sick and I've been to the doctor 3 times and had a hospital visit as well. I feel better now, but I'm still in a lot of pain and out for at least another week
It's just been rough. We have a big meet in 2 1/2 weeks and I was really looking forward to it, but now I just want to get be at practice!
Good luck. If it makes you feel any better, one of the girls on our team got hit by a ball in school and needed stitches PLUS had a concussion... that was the last week of October. We have had 3 meets since then - and she has been unable to compete at all yet. She still gets dizzy going upside down (or she will get a killer headache). She missed 4 weeks of practice and has only attended once a week since then.
I'm sorry you are having a rough time. Hopefully you are getting all of the injuries/illnesses out of the way at once and you will have a healthy successful remainder of the season. Maybe the next meet you won't get to compete AA but getting out there and doing the events that you can do will be a boost. Good luck!
Sorry to hear about your injury and illness! I've had an injured hamstring since October which I'm about to start PT for. Fortunately I do not have time to compete otherwise I'd have missed almost the whole season! Good luck and I hope you can compete at your big meet!
Ugh injuries are no fun. In my daughter's very first competition year, after two meets she had a nasty knee injury that kept her out of 3 months of comps mid-season. Back to full health for last two meets, then a few weeks into summer she broke a bone in her wrist and missed all that summer uptraining. Fingers crossed so far so good this year. Just had meet number four today and getting a little better every time. So I understand your frustration!!!
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