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Oct 31, 2021
Question about scoring? At lower levels are gymnasts given higher scores for more advanced skills? Or is it like the Olympics where they say what they will do and if they do that really well they can get a high score. Just confused as I’ve seen some level3 without kip get higher scores than ones that do? Or maybe using more advanced skills is optional but won’t count towards total score?
There are options in a couple places in the compulsory routines. There is no bonus for doing harder skills. So if you do the harder skill poorly you will get deducted and get a lower score. Most of these options have been added to be more progressive to higher levels.

I’m sure someone here can list all of the options available in the compulsory levels… there’s not many.
Gymnasts at lower levels do not get higher scores by doing more advanced skills. They can only start with a 10.0 value for the routine and get deductions from there. There are some skills that can be changed in the compulsory routines. I believe a kip instead of a pullover in level 3 on bars and a back handspring instead of a back walkover in level 5 on beam. Routines with these skills could score less than those without the change. It just depends on how cleanly the skills are executed.
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The upgrades/substitutions I am aware of:
Level 1: straddle sole circle dismount or underswing dismount.
Level 4: you can add a sole circle after the squat on.
Level 3: kip instead of pullover
Level 5: straddle cast instead of straight body, stalder circle instead of clear hip, layout flyaway instead of tuck, added sole circle, backhandspring or front walkover or backwards roll instead of back walkover on beam, front or side aerial instead front tuck, switch leap instead of split leap.

also, all kips and glides have the option of being straddled or piked, as well as squat ons can be pike on or tuck on.

None of the substitutions give bonus, but a lot of times either people competing them are already ready for the next level but are not old enough, or they need a way to work around a skill due to injury or mental blocks.
Yes to all of the above. My dd had her kip after level 2 but did not compete it in level 3 except for one home meet. It was her lowest bar score all season.
My daughter competed a kip all of level 3 because she had it with straight arms and it scored well (1st place generally, I think 3rd at one meet). She was told she was risking more deductions but she really didn’t want to do another year of pullovers. There’s no benefit in doing harder skills in compulsary besides being more prepared for the next level (she didn’t need to put as much work into level 4 bars for example and it’s the main reason she just scored out) and maybe keeping your kid engaged if they like challenging them selves
Yes to everyone else's posts. "Clean" skills score best. Increasing difficulty introduces more opportunities for deductions, unless the skill is performed consistently and cleanly.
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